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  1. Qbo argues for a -nao winter and the Alaska warm pool argues for a western North American ridge. It would be nice if we get extended periods of the two working in tandem but hopefully at the very least if we lose either the pac or the atl the other side will prevent a full on extended torch.
  2. 1” in Exton measured on the board this morning. There was visibly less snow just a stones throw south of here closer to rt 30. That small elevation change has done wonders around here at times.
  3. I was wrong, today was very uninteresting around these parts. It did snow lightly for much of the day though occasionally mixing in with or briefly changing to drizzle.
  4. Should be an interesting day. Just started snowing in Exton. Temp 34
  5. Some icing tomorrow and perhaps a little snow on Monday...not a bad way to start met winter. I’ll be happy with an inch. Outside shot at 2-3 here in Exton.
  6. Ensembles have the -nao weakening in the long range while higher heights move into western North America. With the qbo trending favorable and warm sst’s in the north pac I wonder if that will be the theme this winter with times of the pac and Atlantic teaming up. Seems we also have potential for a ssw down the line. I’m feeling pretty good about this winter at this point.
  7. Ed, Any plans in the future that will allow data from an ambient weather station to be incorporated into a personalized forecast? Thanks, JP
  8. Light snow in the Honey Brook area.
  9. The last handful of nights have been quiet at night, no crickets or anything, but I did hear a couple this evening. After this cold front moves through that should be that.
  10. Just finished mowing. Hopefully that’s it until spring.
  11. A 10 degree drop in 20 minutes here in Exton.