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  1. 3.9” in Lionville. 1.9” last hour.
  2. 2.0” in Lionville at 830 30.2°
  3. Coming down pretty good in Lionville. Looks like I’m closing in on an inch. Temp down to 29.8.
  4. Moderate snow in Lionville, all surfaces covered. 32°
  5. We just had our snowiest decade ever and we are above average to date.
  6. 1/2” of sleet puts me at 6” for the storm here in Lionville. 25°
  7. 5.5” in Lionville. Snow/sleet mix here now though. 25°
  8. 2.5” in Lionville. 1” in the past hour.
  9. 33 was the low this morning here in Exton. Very impressive for any time in September.
  10. Made it down to 36 this morning in Exton. Had some very light frost in the backyard.