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  1. Sounds windier out there now with the frontal passage than it did all day.
  2. Pouring here in Exton. Winds 5 mph with trees barely moving lol.
  3. I hear you but it is setting a good example. I think thats a big reason they are doing it as well as maybe trying to avoid criticism for being hypocrites.
  4. How does the micro-climate forecasting work? Is your formula using input from personal weather stations?
  5. I considered cutting mine the other week but decided that would be too depressing.
  6. A little under 2.5” here in Exton. Hopefully we’ll be measuring snow next weekend.
  7. Up to 30 in Exton. A solid coating of ice on top of 1.7” of snow/sleet.
  8. .8” here in Exton with moderate snow currently.
  9. Wind has arrived in Exton. Just had a gust to 34.
  10. Snow has begun to stick now. Temp is down to 34 with moderate snow. We wasted .01 on white rain here.