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  1. It's nice out, refreshing. Good change of pace
  2. Almost Spring by then, hopefully the sun angle works on it
  3. I have a Davis solar powered, but wired, anemometer collecting dust if you want it. Or anyone else interested. Free. I dont have the motivation or capacity to mount it properly.
  4. 43.5 high, another early Mowvember-like day.
  5. We went snowless for several weeks already. I know its highly unlikely but not impossible to rip through February relatively snow free. 28.5, wintry day for now. The most winter we've had here
  6. Maybe the final snow of the winter. A dusting here
  7. Nice day here with dry conditions.
  8. Yeah it has been torchy. The amount of below freezing days locally has been a joke. At least through D19..
  9. looks like an ATV was a better choice versus the snowmobile