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  1. 2.5 hours driving from Watertown to Wilmington, ma for like 6" of snow
  2. Hopefully warm air floods north and the ice aspect overperforms to make this somewhat interesting
  3. it'll be a nice dusting in NYC before the rain
  4. Looks like 22 pages for a 2-4" mehvent
  5. from the -epo horse being beaten for months
  6. great look on that gfs, hopefully we stay wedged here so it is mostly sleet/zr and all of the snow is way north
  7. besides a fluke swfe, dry clipper or two and maybe a random Spring event to ruin a nice April, it's basically over even up here
  8. yeah, it's an inferno and maybe underdone
  9. These are the types of systems we dont want...snow everywhere but the resorts. Just bad news all-around
  10. festive times ahead, hopefully cherry blossoms bloom in NJ and DC for Xmas
  11. could be a very sharp cutoff with hardly a flake north of CON