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  1. Low of 34.7. 2nd coldest so far this winter
  2. fail foliage here after the last storm.
  3. Yeah, I can estimate winds. Also KBED was over 50 right near that 32. ..Middlesex County... Bedford AP 55 103 AM 10/17 ASOS
  4. Gusted 50 here right on that map 32. Downslope dandy
  5. Keep that mess nestor where it came from, well S E. No one wants it
  6. I was thinking this yesterday looking at D8-10.
  7. It's awesome when people never stop learning...no one will ever get it all ,keep it up
  8. Yeah. If I just take a glance of the IR, it's better than at least 30% of the named naked swirls we see. The cpnvection is very deep and sustained.
  9. Late 70's aerosmith couldn't be that strung out looking. There's no defined low level center at all that I see.
  10. Models have been hinting at a tropical connection from that gulf mess for a while. We don't need the rain...hopefully it is shredded offshore
  11. It's officially cold season, nice wx train is long gone...derailed near PHL
  12. Even Otis AFB out by the 7th? hole fairway hit 60. Impressive
  13. I know it has been said, but most models overall did a really good job with this storm. Solid A