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  1. Still too soon to nail down who sees the most rain, but at this point areas along the south coast would stand the best chance to see the higher end of rainfall totals. *Fortunately,* with this system comes plenty of warm air, so temperatures on Thursday will be abnormally warm, in the upper 50s and low 60s; no frozen precipitation to deal with. <3 box
  2. We already had our first winter event, 10/30. Perhaps last
  3. How is dark, cold, gloomy, wet wx optimistic?
  4. <1 month away from sun angle ramping up
  5. Nasty cold out there, thankfully winter is coming
  6. Bernard as the Cardinal was the best
  7. last nights wind "event" was pretty meh
  8. Hiking today. 69.1 maybe touch 80, in a few spots?
  9. We had our snow event 10/30, now onto Spring
  10. Does anyone know if the VP2 basin filter on an older model can be replaced? Just the small plastic piece. Or a suitable replacement option?