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  1. https://www.americanwx.com/bb/forum/18-climate-change/
  2. Every single indice is aligning just right, too. It's crazy
  3. This winter changed me, I actually like this. Nothing really more to ask for from mother nature, she delivered the goods. I'll have a coke? Or piwo prosze..
  4. yeah wow, that stripe of .1-.2" is really killing it
  5. Yeah, not much impact. I was working that day in Falmouth, we had 50mph sideways rain, a little flooding and damage on the cape. Not much but something.
  6. Congrats all, it's Spring. we finally made it....enjoy!
  7. the purpose of this thread, of winter, and life in general. mostly the former
  8. looks like another mid-Napril leafout...sweet
  9. time to forget cold and snow (chuckle) and start thinking numbers like 54, 38, 60
  10. Couldn't write a script any better for this extended autumn of 2019-2020 Sunday night and Monday... Dry conditions should remain in place across the northeast as high pressure pushes off the mid Atlc and SE U.S. coast during this timeframe. Will continue to see SW winds in place, while an Alberta clipper type system moves out of central Canada and another system tries to organize across mid and lower MS valley. Noting H5 heights rising somewhat, running in the 555 to 558 dm across the region. Model guidance suggests highs running around 10 degrees above normal away from the immediate S coast. This translates to highs in the lower 50s across the coastal plain, but will remain lower across the higher inland terrain, possibly as low as the mid 40s. Monday looks like the pick of the week, with mainly sunny skies at least part of the day and highs from the mid-upper 40s well inland to possibly some readings up to the mid 50s across interior E Mass/N RI and N central/NE CT. Mid and high clouds will start to increase from the W from midday through the afternoon.