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  1. 39 minutes ago, Itstrainingtime said:

    There was never to be much of anything during the daylight hours. In fact, as recent as yesterday, some forecasts for today included sunshine. If anything, today has "overperformed"

    That may be true but I could have sworn that a lot of the forecasters for local weather we're saying that it was supposed to start at 7:00 or 8:00 p.m. that was with the last 2 days that I saw. So if the raider looks this dry are we still in time frame for seven or eight or is it going to be like 11:00 or midnight

  2. What time does this start for lsv? I saw 7pm on a future radar from local news but then another station said 10pm I work in a hilly area and have a 20 min drive home I get out at 2am. It will be doing what ever by then. I wanted to stay late tonight to make up time missed tomorrow if I leave early

  3. love how I saw on fri abc was saying very mild week mon-fri next week no problems till a little rain fri. then out of no where changed this to now 50s on wed then low 40s thursday into 30s fri. when I saw some one streaming weather  on Sat talking about a major snow storm im like wtf are they talking about till I saw the forecast when i checked the next day sat.

  4. wow they were so late to this. I went out on sat to do some food shopping noticed my local town laid down some brine. I was surprised cause last I heard on friday from local news it will be a none even to far to the east not much of a precip field. i saw a little of the snow tonight coating on the grass but was in a lul for 3 hours even tho the radar had snow. I was like oh thats cool we got a bit. then went out with the dog and saw fat flakes up to 2 inchs on the grass sidewalks starting to get coated. temp down to 29 

  5. really tired of tv mets just saying we dodged a bullet oh well the storm didnt do what models forecasted. maybe you should do more of the leg work vs buying what the models always say. no ice at all im glad about that but all these schools closed and worked closed down cause they were calling for .30-.50 you effected peoples lives with being wrong. some accountability needs to happen.

  6. 9 minutes ago, Voyager said:

    As I feared. 34 and plain rain here in Tamaqua. 31 and freezing rain in Sunbury. Boss isn't in Sunbury, though, so I don't know if I can call out...

    BTW, it's 57 in Reading and 52 in Allentown. Crazy temp gradient in just 25 to 30 miles.


    call out it doesnt matter where your boss is. if its icy and freezing rain and you get in a accident is he gonna pay your bills.

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