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  1. 3 hours ago, Voyager said:

    If you look at the ice hazard maps for the entire state (not just the CWA), Carbon County gets .25 to .50" of ice while Schuylkill gets .10 to .20". I guess the ice storm will stop right at the county line, which is how it's depicted on the map...lol


    yeah i never understood that stupid reasoning. 

  2. 27 minutes ago, Steve25 said:

    Probably just in catch up mode. Things just started looking more wintry after days of looking like a pure rain maker. I'm sure if this is a real trend and it continues into tomorrow, the weather app forecasts will start to resemble it. 

    Ah thanks but its funny cause I went frim seeing 38 on friday yesterday to 41 for friday today but that explains it lol.

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  3. so we go from artic air to just slightly below normal from snow to a ice storm then to rain. smh  all this talk about a long week of off and on winter storms and now nothing? dont get me wrong i hate ice so thats a plus. but just wow a low that is all the way in mexico that 9 times out of 10 rids along the gulf then up the coast has turned into a apps runner? 

  4. Some of the models are pushing this L for next mon tues farther south then i could remember any L going in the winter.. All the way down to the heart of Mexico but only to push it almost as a apps runner the trends are slightly farther east now. But doesnt give us all snow in fact very little snow but a bunch of sleet and frz rain. normally when a L goes close to the gulf we get a major storm that rides up the whole coast from about GA to SC NC then up the coast. Has any one else seen a Low go that far south and not turn into a major storm snow wise? The Low  itself doesnt get to strong down to 1003 or so. 


  5. 41 minutes ago, dailylurker said:

    CMC called that a week ago. I'm ready to end this dumpster fire anyway. 

    when you still hear online weather and local weather forecasters claiming the cold air is coming or artic blast incoming. even if it was coming 20s for my area is never considered artic highs in the teens or below would be artic not 20s 

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  6. 5 hours ago, Blizzard of 93 said:

    My bar for this event for MDT is 3.5 inches to get the seasonal total to 30 inches. This would get them to be within 2 inches of exceeding the climo seasonal average. Everything after this weekend through March would just be stats padding to see how much we can pile on!

    just outside Middletown when i came home around 230am at work I had 3 inchs on my car. when I got home a 20 min drive I had 3.5 and still snowed pretty good for 2 hours. I havent went out since I got home but safe to say we hit just over 4 inchs

  7. 10 hours ago, daxx said:

    Oh my...bitter cold is fun for a little, but boring unless you live near the Great Lakes. Give me an active pattern with cold nearby any day. 

    actually I love about of week of really cold why you may ask? It kills all the nasty bugs and we have less of them in the summer and overall I miss cold days as a grown up get under a blanket toasty with hot coco or some thicc soup like broc and cheddar or beef stew 

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  8. now our artic airmass will only be here 2 days? highs in the low 20s for sundays snow but then shoot back up to the upper 30s to near 40 right after the storm?  im getting tired of them since last year saying the artic air is coming and it never comes. I just want a week or so of a good cold push i dont want rain or ice out of no where cause its to warm.

  9. 3 minutes ago, Jebman said:

    Better look out around Feb 16 in the Mid Atlantic! That super frigid airmass will end interacting with a storm and will probably hurl back immense, immense amounts of snow!

    This is going to be a FUN February for the entire Washington Metropolitan Region!

    the whole artic airmass being pushed back for 3 days in a row is annoying. it reminds me of last year when they kept saying artic airmass polar vortex to hit east coast next week. It never even happened. I think after the second week of jan we didnt hit below 32 for a high all winter. 

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