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  1. radar shows squat. Where is this “pivot” coming from???
  2. so we need to move north of 85 if we ever want appreciable snow. Got it.
  3. The county is so big that if it’s dangerous for even 1 school up north by the border they close the entire district. Even if it’s perfectly fine in the southern part, like simpsonville. Someone told me that can’t afford to split the district, even though they should. The logistics of 2 districts would cost too much.
  4. yep. Wish it would stick. Showed 34 in the truck.
  5. Heavy wet flakes Greenville at patewood hospital.
  6. Heavy in simpsonville now. Sticking to patio furniture but not ground yet.
  7. Coming down off Jonesville road now.
  8. jonesville road here! Family in Easley getting snow now.
  9. Love all the insight y’all have here. I’m the definition of uneducated when it comes to weather but I love following this forum. Appreciate yalls posts greatly.