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  1. Just visited there in late June. Doesn't take long to fall in love with this place. Was nice to revisit spring for a second time.
  2. 39/39 Flooding on local roads and streams. Temporary lull in the action after an all day rain. Guess we had to make up for that rain free stretch.
  3. 34/34 and calm with moderate snow now starting to stick.
  4. 34/34 and calm with a persistent wet snow. No accumulation.
  5. 35/12 in Lucketts. North of Leesburg and just south of the Potomac. Isn't the super moon tonight? It's visible but blurred.
  6. We still have heavy ice on our trees too. What are the temps expected to do tonight? Really hoping to avoid any additional ice build up as this has turned into a dangerous situation for some.
  7. As pretty as this is, we have many trees that are down out here. Be safe out there.
  8. Moderate snow here with a light coating. 27/25 Loudoun County 2 hr. delay.
  9. Leesburg whiteout conditions right now and has been going for about 10 minutes. Nice!
  10. 9° and calm. If it does verify, what's the eta on the squall line?
  11. Coming down at a nice rate now. No wind and 32°.
  12. Moderate and accumulating snow here with a temp. of 32° in Lucketts.