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  1. 58°and just a beautiful day along the Catoctin Creek (Loudoun County).
  2. We like for seeds. Used them for years now with great success.
  3. Drekker from Fargo, North Dakota.
  4. So we've been teased about the arrival of Arctic air for some time now. What temp. range do you consider to be Arctic air? I thought we were talking about single digits but maybe that was just being optimistic?
  5. 25/25 with moderate to heavy sleet. Enjoying the heck out of this!
  6. 27/27 with the fattest of flakes for a good 45 minutes now.
  7. 32°and snow. Everything has been coated with a fresh layer of the white stuff.
  8. 36/32 and calm with light snow.
  9. 37° and cloudy in Lucketts.
  10. 33° and still snowing with 3.5" so far.