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  1. i see why nws did what they did. wpc slashed and diced the probabilities from greensboro west on the 2" amounts. they now favor raleigh north. i dont know if i agree with this based on latest guidance...
  2. RDPS your on the list now. and just so u know i write these things down and dont forget for years!
  3. Lot of case study events before the year 2010. jan 19 2008 comes to mind. altho not exactly the same scenario, im sure you could find one.
  4. making a list a taking names!! icon, cmc, and OTHERS! won't fool me again. and if they are right by slim chance, gfs/uk/euro all getting corporate emails
  5. Happened a lot before the year 2010. When it does, it hurts. A lot.
  6. these mountains cause more trouble than they do anything else. i am willing to propose GIANT turbo fans to "reverse the effects of downsloping" to help out our farmers and stuff. if i ran for governor believe me things will change big time
  7. let me tell u what if icon does horrible i am writing a very nasty corporate email to those foreigners to redo their model!!!
  8. New gfs blanks GSP, AVL, Wilkesboro and Mount Airy. Good event Piedmont counties tho
  9. 18z GFS coming in worse for the foothills and nearby regions. still running down east could be good there
  10. They actually downgraded the HWO for my area and decreased amounts as UK and EURO trended toward GFS less moisture. ICON is thrown out.
  11. wind should help dry the rain and can even dry ice/snow in the type of dry snow. they are considering wind chill advisory actually instead of black ice.
  12. Blacksburg says no east of the blue ridge. No advisories, limited to West Virginia and VA. 23 mins · Snow lovers are not going to be very impressed with the forecast for Tuesday and Wednesday.
  13. need advisory from statesville to raleigh 1-3". i think some will fail to reach criteria in the hills may just go with special weather statement for a coating to 1" from mount airy,nc to greenville,sc.western mountain counties need advisory too west of boone 1-4". final call
  14. shift everything north-west 3 counties or im OUT. seriously don't even know advisory criteria is met after the criteria was increased here. i would go special weather statement wilkes, surry caldwell, and advisory east and west of these counties. ****
  15. Brad had me at 1” last storm ended up with 6”. He always increases 12 hours before.