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  1. 19 minutes ago, Geoboy645 said:

    Yeah that's a big problem considering the potential totals. And this would be efficient summer rainfall so it'll be heavy rainfall rates. Idk how well the Twin Cities can handle a lot of rain on top of it tbh. Minneapolis is pretty flat and the lakes aren't really reservoir like lakes. It's a system that hasn't been stress tested with the amount of growth in that metro over the last 30 years iirc

    Edit: it appears that the last time the metro had a big flash flooding event at least according to the MNDNR site for flooding was 7/19-22 1987. That period set a diurnal record of 9.15 inches at MSP. There's been 37 years of rapid growth since then, especially in important watersheds such as Minnehaha Creek. And that event was pretty localized and not at the same time as the rest of the state being dumped on with already high rivers.

    Luckily the lakes are still a little low after 3 summers of flash drought and a mostly snowless winter, so they can take some runoff. In 2019 Minnehaha Creek was flowing over the Grays Bay Dam spillway at Lake Minnetonka for a few weeks, it caused minor flooding along the trails at the lake down the block from my house. (Nokomis) The Mississippi River downstream from St. Anthony’s Falls is in a gorge which acts like a giant storm sewer for the cities, but if rainfall rates are high enough there will definitely be urban flood potential. As you mentioned the suburbs have exploded with growth over the past 30 years so newer built areas will definitely be put to the test. I did the geotech work on a massive flood control project that MNDOT finished up last year, time to put this system to the test. 


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  2. 17 minutes ago, Geoboy645 said:

    Uhhh, thats a lot of rain. That would cause some serious issues on the Minnesota, Upper Mississippi, St Croix, Chippewa, Black, and Wisconsin rivers. Almost 9 inches of rain in the Twin Cities in 10 days would be a really big deal. They have missed a lot of the big summer flooding events within the last 15 years, that's looking like that will change here.

    I’m working along the Mississippi in downtown St. Paul this afternoon. River is bank full and there is minor flooding along the typical low lying areas. Any more then 2-3” of rain and we’ll have big problems. 


  3. 9 minutes ago, michsnowfreak said:

    It's insane to see that in 2023, Minneapolis hit 90+ a total of 33 times, their 5th highest on record. Meanwhile Detroit hit 90 just 2 times, the max being just 90, lowest since 1915.

    Just goes to show the variability in our region, Minneapolis is just far enough west to have a chinook effect and doesn’t have a Great Lake to moderate temperatures. I love living somewhere it can be -25 in winter and +100 in summer. 

    Meanwhile WSW across western Montana, 4-6” of snow above 6,000 with 14-20” across the higher terrain. Wild stuff for the middle of June. 

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  4. Nice to see a heatwave that isn’t centered over the Great Plains. It’s no guarantee we tag 90 next week riding the far edge of the ridge but it’ll most likely happen.  

    90 degree days through June 13th in Minneapolis, last 5 years.

    2020 - 3

    2021 - 10

    2022 - 2 (101 on 6/20)

    2023 - 5

    2024 - 0


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  5. Had a nice storm roll through around 11pm last night. Rainfall total of 0.46” yesterday. High of 81.

    Hoping the currently stalled front is able to push through the area and knock the dews down a bit. It’s sitting about 40 miles to my NW. 

  6. 1 hour ago, Brian D said:

    Almost 1 pm, and rain just ended. Temps still in the upper 40's with overcast skies. Sat showing clouds trying to hang for a while yet. Might get lucky in a couple hours and see some sun. What a cold June day so far. 

    Meanwhile a couple hours drive south we’ve reached 81 under sunny skies. First 80 degree day since the 4th.

  7. Little bit of chilly rain this morning, didn’t amount to much though. Skies cleared and temps are shooting up, jumped from 57 to 70 in under 2 hours. Looks like I’ll have to fire up the a/c tomorrow with high 60 dews and mid 80 temps. 

  8. 2 hours ago, Brian D said:

    Powerball chuckling at the warmer wx up here

    We can return the favor when TX has a week of 30s in January. 

    84/64 here. Steamy, but with a strong breeze gusting to 30mph it’s keeping things much more comfortable today. Storms should start firing in the next couple hours. 

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