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  1. Currently 54 and very breezy this evening. Looks like some patchy frost possible up north if the winds calm down. We’ve been sustained over 20mph and gusting over 40mph all afternoon.

    Cool weather on tap for the holiday weekend, in 2018 Memorial Day was the earliest 100 on record in the Twin Cities. This year we’ll probably stay in the 60s all day. 

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  2. Might have to kick the A/C on for the first time today if forecasted highs in the mid 80s comes to fruition. Been loving having the windows open for the past week.


    It also looks like wildfire smoke season begins today. Smokey skies expected to move in this afternoon. Edmonton has been dealing with thick smoke for a couple days now. 


  3. Tonight has been incredible. Went to the wildlife refuge near Zimmerman and saw the Aurora fill nearly the entire sky. Eventually it became a long E-W band parked overhead and just to the south of me. I’ve never seen such consistent and wide sky coverage before. Not the brightest I’ve ever seen but certainly the largest and most active. Getting to see it setup and dance directly overhead is breathtaking and jaw dropping. Just wish I had a good camera with me.




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  4. Prepping for a short drive north to view the Aurora tonight. Looks like a very strong event is coming together. If I didn’t have two little ones I’d be heading up north of Duluth but I think an area near Cambridge MN will have to do.

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  5. April finished with 4.19” of precipitation which is well above normal, and much appreciated. We really needed it. There was only a T of snowfall.

    Time for my final winter grade. I’m going to give winter 23/24 a D grade. It was a record warm and very dry winter in Minnesota. However the front and back ends were punctuated by memorable snowfalls that saved the season from a solid F. The 2.3” on Halloween provided a memorable trick or treating experience, and those photos of my kid in the snow we will always cherish. The weeklong cold snap in January provided no snowfall but froze the lakes quite solid and saved the ice fishing and ski seasons from disaster. My local hill was open daily from early December to mid March. The surprise 7” Valentine’s Day snowstorm reminded everyone we still live in a winter weather climate.  March is when things got interesting, precipitation began increasing and we bagged a 12” multi day snowfall that broke the doldrums of dryness we endured most of the cold season. Other stat padding events brought us up to 29.5” which is still well below normal but dampers the disaster that was DJF. Only around 50 days until they are getting shorter again.

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  6. 2 hours ago, Brian D said:

    Grass is getting greener real quick here, too. Budding will take a little more time closer to the lake, as we tend to stay a little cooler. Longer days, and warmer temps. Time for summer season. :) 

    Highway 61 traffic jams imminent. 

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