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  1. 25 minutes ago, mnchaserguy said:

    Surprise snow here in MSP this morning. Roads are just wet but I bet we will pick up a quick inch in the grass. It’s coming down about as hard as it has all winter.


    I’m up in Maple Grove this morning. Borderline snow squall conditions at times. Definitely at least an inch down and still snowing steadily. Backwards winter!


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  2. A few stray flurries fill the air as the last of the snow pulls off to the NE.

    MSP finished with 3.9” today. Storm total snowfall of 12.1” if you include the 8.2” from Sunday night. Storm total precipitation a much needed 2.34”

    I can’t recall experiencing a storm quite like this one. An initial heavy thumping of wet snow followed by steady all day rain and then crashing temps with several inches of blowing light powdery snow to round it off. 


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  3. 1 hour ago, Chinook said:

    wasn't this supposed to be pretty insane for South Dakota into Minnesota? I absolutely remember a NWS graphic from Aberdeen that said 16"-23" for a border twn


    That map is low for the twin cities. 72hr accumulations are around 10-12”

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  4. 3.5” at MSP at the 1pm measurement. Still snowing steadily with some heavier returns that’ll rotate through later this afternoon. 

    Minneapolis has now seen 14.7” of snow since Thursday evening. We were at 14.3” season to date before this period of active weather began. 

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  5. 1 hour ago, Allsnow said:

    Looks like the rain/snow line has collapsed through the city now. What a wild event for your area…


    The qpf amount is impressive for the Midwest 

    Absolutely puking snow. Roads are completely covered. Building up that late March snowpack. This storm has been awesome. Finally kicked the doldrums of nothingness we’ve been in for months. 

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  6. 1 hour ago, michsnowfreak said:

    1) Its WAY to earlier to even discuss the likelihood of season futility being achieved in the midwest/Lakes in Dec, Jan, or Feb, no matter how bad it has been.

    This season has reminded me how true this is for our region. I won’t give my final season grade until 4/15 at the earliest and this storm has likely bumped it up a half letter.  

    WWA hoisted for a couple more inches of snow with the deformation band as we fall back below freezing overnight into tomorrow morning. There will be a rock solid glacier by Wednesday, which looks downright frigid for late March. 

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  7. 33 minutes ago, Allsnow said:

    How good were the rates overnight? 

    perhaps some more tonight as the low wraps up 

    There was a period of 1-2”/hr rates before the changeover but I was asleep.


    It’s absolutely puking snow in White Bear Lake. From downtown on north it’s all snow right now and the roads are getting covered again. Silver dollar size flakes. Home and the airport are reporting a mix. 

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  8. 35 minutes ago, mnchaserguy said:

    That band moving up from the south is no joke. Should be fun to watch it when it gets here. It had some thundersnow for a while down by Rochester.


    Looked like some gravity waves down in the I-90 corridor heading north too. 

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  9. Sun starting to set, heavy returns incoming upstream. This is where we start stacking flake efficiently. It’s been steadily snowing all afternoon but probably only 2.5” accumulation. It’s been an awesome day of watching the snowfall with my kid. 

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  10. Bottomed out at 18 here this morning under what remains of yesterdays snow. 

    NWS is really stressing that snow depth will be much lower then final storm totals due to compaction/rain. They must be prepared for the onslaught of complaints when a location reports 12” and there’s only 6-7” in peoples backyards. 

  11. Current NWS thinking, this only goes out to Monday morning when it’ll be switching to rain in the metro but still hammering points NW. There could be some 24”+ totals across central/north central Minnesota. I’m expecting the low to bump a bit north of current guidance and cut totals some more here but hopefully the opposite happens.  


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