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  1. It's funny how the uncertainty depth is twice the actual prediction.
  2. Yes and no. I requested full removal and was denied. There was mutual agreement for a ban. I requested reactivation and was denied. This is the result.
  3. 4 days of lead time 20+ years ago
  4. I remember reading a lot about the remarkable verification from '96.
  5. The 12Z Euro appears to have a deeper trough while the 18Z gfs has a stronger consolidated one d9. I really like what we're seeing!
  6. They look remarkably similar to me so far (especially 18Z gfs compared to 12z ecmwf!)
  7. I have no idea how this came across my Twitter, but this is how mets are anticipating the next few weeks. eta: first tweeted by another random met
  8. For better or worse, that will disappear, reappear again, and then anyone's guess!
  9. I agree that the concern would be not having a system big enough to tap anything. eta: I promise this was entirely by accident...jinx!
  10. My imby obs yesterday was around 55/25 at one point. Rain is not an option!
  11. I was just looking into that winter earlier today. I like it!
  12. We will have plenty of chances to reload once Agung is done.
  13. I could care less about longevity if we get a decent looking white Christmas this year.