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  1. Decided to head up to Wausau, WI at the last minute today to take advantage of some possible skiing while the snow comes down tomorrow. looking like 6+" is a solid bet, although thermals are questionable, just hoping its snow more hours than fzdz / fzra.
  2. Sounds like on Saturday Chicago will 3 way tie the record for consecutive days not reaching 20.... From LOT AFD: "(Saturday)... should allow Chicago to reach it`s 12th consecutive day of not reaching 20 degrees, which would tie a record set in 1936 and 1895 for the longest of such streaks."
  3. lol looks like around here we're going to lose our little snowpack mid week next week with a rainer, just hope we can get a couple inches laid back down on the backside. things aren't looking good out west, i saw the wasatch front is at the lowest snow level at this point in the season since 1977. looking more and more like the west is going to slip right back into drought.
  4. If we were to take a time machine back to July and we then had a crystal ball, and with that ball we were only able to get a single piece of random weather information- and that ended up being that Mobile, Corpus, northern MX, NOLA, ATL, etc had measurable snow on this day, I think we’d be excited for the winter to come. So... I’m excited I guess? If I play thought tricks on myself like that anyway.... otherwise my new fat bike with studded 5” tires and bar mitts and clip on snow boots are sitting in the garage fantasizing for snow...... while I sit in my house looking at south Texas snow . Pro
  5. Small plane crash on approach at RFD about an hour ago, media reporting pilot was unable to maintain control due to wind. Obs at rfd around 6pm says 20mph gusting to 30mph, so nothing too crazy. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  6. I was just looking at Alta, I saw that in 1982/1983 they got over 900”. Officially 811”, but unofficially measured over 900”. Unbelievable! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  7. Since you mentioned Alta, I'll chime in with Park City. Average annual snowfall 340". Average 229 sunny days per year. Only 10k people but a short hop from SLC and from there, the world. Some of the best winter quality of life I think you can find anywhere on the planet. A little high on the cost of living side. 7000' up so maybe it doesnt fit your criteria of a normal place. Maybe a nearby place then, like Heber City, UT at 5600' with 75" annual snow, average cost of living - can always drive 10-15 minutes up into elevation to go snowshoe or xc ski if the 75" doesnt do it for you.
  8. Got up early to get on the slopes at alpine valley in WI before it turned in to a slop fest. With the cold earlier this week they were able to lay a nice base down. Turned in to a disaster, by 2 it was an icy slop fest, my 7 year old daughter biffed and broke her tibia. Needless to say, I wasn’t enjoying today’s warmth. When we left to head to the urgent care the car thermometer had 68 (east troy, wi)
  9. Yikes! Chestnut Mountain kind of over your way fired up the snow guns last night. I think they're just wasting water at this point!
  10. I’m in a rural sub, well and septic but neighbors all around, and for living in IL, it’s very hilly. Also have experience with impassable driveway slope. The key with 4x4 on the driveway - you now have traction but you don’t necessarily have control... make sure to practice a little on the ice with the wife!
  11. Drove from Windsor, Ontario this morning back to west of Chicago this afternoon. Peaked at 77 in MI near the lakeshore around noon, crashed to 51 as I made my way through the Chicago metro. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  12. nah, I spent a couple grand on a full suspension fat tire bike so I can ride on the snow, so at least N. IL will find the screw hole. Teleconnections should factor in forum members snowblower and winter sports equipment purchases.
  13. Went mtn biking at Rock Cut State Park this morning, left my phone in the truck as I just got the new cellular Apple Watch, and realized while on the trails I don’t have a radar app on the watch. Heard thunder and rode like hell back to the truck, got rained on just as I hit the parking lot. Picked up about .35” this morning in rural Roscoe, IL and now raining like hell again, would guess .6” so far with intermittent thunder. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  14. Dead center due north of the gulf, and below the invisible boundary that is I-80, STL often gets almost Houston like weather. Growing up there, I remember many 70’s and 80’s in February, whereas up here in N IL it’s something to cherish. I used to miss that climo. Being up here 15 years I’ve adjusted and changed and now can’t stand the STL climo mostly, would miss this climo if I had to go someplace warmer. The colder and snowier the better. I learned to enjoy snow shoeing, XC skiing, fat biking, and downhill skiing (Chestnut mountain, Lake Geneva Mountain, Cascade Mtn in WI, etc) and now I pray for an early and long winter. I will say that cold and no snow sucks the worst of all, for me anyway.
  15. Alta in Utah and Telluride in Colorado, both taken this morning.