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  1. nah, I spent a couple grand on a full suspension fat tire bike so I can ride on the snow, so at least N. IL will find the screw hole. Teleconnections should factor in forum members snowblower and winter sports equipment purchases.
  2. Went mtn biking at Rock Cut State Park this morning, left my phone in the truck as I just got the new cellular Apple Watch, and realized while on the trails I don’t have a radar app on the watch. Heard thunder and rode like hell back to the truck, got rained on just as I hit the parking lot. Picked up about .35” this morning in rural Roscoe, IL and now raining like hell again, would guess .6” so far with intermittent thunder. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  3. Dead center due north of the gulf, and below the invisible boundary that is I-80, STL often gets almost Houston like weather. Growing up there, I remember many 70’s and 80’s in February, whereas up here in N IL it’s something to cherish. I used to miss that climo. Being up here 15 years I’ve adjusted and changed and now can’t stand the STL climo mostly, would miss this climo if I had to go someplace warmer. The colder and snowier the better. I learned to enjoy snow shoeing, XC skiing, fat biking, and downhill skiing (Chestnut mountain, Lake Geneva Mountain, Cascade Mtn in WI, etc) and now I pray for an early and long winter. I will say that cold and no snow sucks the worst of all, for me anyway.
  4. Alta in Utah and Telluride in Colorado, both taken this morning.
  5. I follow a bunch of ski related Facebook pages, they were recapping all the peaks that have seen first snow in the last few days. Mainly in Canada, Banff etc. It's happening :-) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro