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  1. Will this derecho get to the east coast? Last thing we need is that wind after all that rain.
  2. I live in Wilmington. That storm was no joke. That much rain on saturated ground is no good.
  3. 92/80 in Wilmington DE. My highest observed DP of the season. Ugly out there.
  4. 4.30" in the rain gauge for today here in NCC DE. Way better than expected. Having been shut out more or less for the past 4 weeks this has been good for the landscaping.
  5. About to get smoked in northern DE. Constant thunder now.
  6. Windiest day of the winter/spring here in northern DE.
  7. Virga band here in north Wilmington. Not a single flake reached the ground. DP was 9 when I got up.
  8. Another storm 15 days away. Wash rinse repeat. Just have to think this isn’t our year. Too many LR head fakes already and my guess is it continues. One thing I have really taken away this winter is how much model output is driven by MJO and how difficult it is to get the MJO right.
  9. I think it’s safe to just pick the model with the lowest totals and go with it. Right now that would be the Euro.
  10. 1.2” mean precip for my hood on 18z GFS. Most of it frozen.
  11. I will gladly take what the 12z GFS is selling and call it a day.
  12. The data on the 6z GFS looks like its giving us 1" liquid with 850s below 0 and the surface at or below freezing. This is for ILG. That is a shellacking.
  13. I have seen some spiders on the move too. Will get worse this week. I do hope we get at least some stretch of cold to kill off the pests. The mold and mildew situation isn’t good at all either with all the warmth and wetness.