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  1. Heavy sleet again in Wilmington
  2. Round 2 is a pipe dream for SEPA and northern DE. At best I think we get freezing mist. Everything pointed way way west and ultimately north.
  3. We have 2 hours tops and then this thing is out of here.
  4. Its heavy snow. I can confirm because its here now in North Wilmington.
  5. I am hoping that delivers for sure. I am just south of the Delco line in DE. My little 10 mile area of latitude has been the absolute snow anus this year. Just way too much sleet or just too far south of the heaviest bands. I knew this one would be trouble though and of course the sleet line has parked directly overtop of us. Heavier precip bringing more snow but as soon as it lets up it goes almost all sleet. Can't complain though as this is our 4th legit light to moderate winter storm this year and I was expecting next to nothing again.
  6. Radar looks like storm is flying. Maybe only a few more hours at best of precip.
  7. We all know this is coming north. EPS made move already.
  8. Snow in WC at Iceline rink for early hockey game.
  9. Ralph this isn’t the midpoint. This is pity flakes for us to the south. This storm is over. Already drying up out there on radar.
  10. It’s snowing harder now here than at any point yesterday.
  11. I am in no way faulting forecasters at all here. I think what they put out was reasonable given the almost unanimous agreement amongst the models. My saying it was a bust is just stating a fact for my area. We all know at this point we are not squeaking out much more than an inch for the remainder. Looking at current radar tells me all I need to know at this point. I can’t believe the amount of dryness out there.
  12. Massive massive bust to the SE part of forum. Should have known better with Miller B but I mean every single model was showing it. Need to factor in experience more. Know better. This time last night my area was upgraded to 10-15” along with lower Chester and Delco. Maybe 4-5” total to show for it.
  13. I live 1 mile south of the PA line off of Foulk Road. I am probably 5 miles southeast of you
  14. Ha yes I am about a mile south of the PA border so I relate more to Delco weather and PHL vs ILG. We always flirt with disaster in these types of storms. We are probably closing in on 5” or so which is disappointing. But maybe we cash in here on some more tonight.
  15. Snow growth slowly improving finally here in northern DE. Would be nice to squeeze out like 3-4” more