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  1. Virga band here in north Wilmington. Not a single flake reached the ground. DP was 9 when I got up.
  2. Another storm 15 days away. Wash rinse repeat. Just have to think this isn’t our year. Too many LR head fakes already and my guess is it continues. One thing I have really taken away this winter is how much model output is driven by MJO and how difficult it is to get the MJO right.
  3. I think it’s safe to just pick the model with the lowest totals and go with it. Right now that would be the Euro.
  4. 1.2” mean precip for my hood on 18z GFS. Most of it frozen.
  5. I will gladly take what the 12z GFS is selling and call it a day.
  6. The data on the 6z GFS looks like its giving us 1" liquid with 850s below 0 and the surface at or below freezing. This is for ILG. That is a shellacking.
  7. I have seen some spiders on the move too. Will get worse this week. I do hope we get at least some stretch of cold to kill off the pests. The mold and mildew situation isn’t good at all either with all the warmth and wetness.
  8. I have found over the years that North Wilmington's climo is much closer to PHL readings than ILG in general. Your memory is much better than mine with regard to missing out on events but more often than not we miss out by being too far south rather than north. Same could be said for most on this forum. I think we end up doing pretty well relative on the Miller A storms. 2016 was a bad one for us though because we were just stuck in the subsistence of the band west of us for like 10 straight hours. Never got into the heavies. I will say though that I experienced 27" and 21" from the 2 Feb '10 storms and I was in Newark DE for 1996 and we measured 31".
  9. Actually the highest elevation in DE is 448 feet and it’s just slightly NE of Wilmington right on the PA border. I live a mile from there and my elevation is about 400 ft. I work in the city of Wilmington and it’s crazy how much of a snow difference that 400 ft makes.
  10. Utterly boring. No precip. Seem to be caught between heavy rain to SE and better bands out west.
  11. 37/33 here in far northern DE. White rain falling but only 0.02” so far. Rain has frozen core so I don’t think snow is far off. Looks like rain/snow line crashing East fairly quickly now.
  12. Snoozer here in DE. Turned out to be beautiful day.
  13. 88/80 at 9:40am is disgusting here in northern DE. No clouds. We hit 100 today easy I think.