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  1. You may want to invest in breaking open Bill Gates' bunker. His stash is bigger than mine.
  2. All failed movements always end in hate speech and fear-mongering. As well that's how you can weed out the liars from the people operating on good faith.
  3. When the operational is bad you go straight for the EPS in order to attain mental comfort. You know nothing John Snow.
  4. Nobody ever posts the Euro because it has been perpetually bad since Christmas at least and probably prior. This is hilarious that you keep chasing this stuff. Enjoy the almost historic torch and just imagine that you are experiencing the other end of the spectrum.
  5. and you were not in the snow removal business. The reaper comes for everyone.
  6. Anyone born after 1982 would understand this sentence. Well the vast majority. In other words young people have more to gain from the disbandment of the status quo.
  7. What's the difference between disbanding civilization and removing all ICEs from industry and transportation? LMAO It's like you are the most profound masochist in existence if you finally break free from the chains of wealth inequality and after all of this you still want civilization. Please forgive me if you have a mental deficiency of some kind whether it be autism-spectrum, cognition impairment, etc.
  8. Contrarily if such minor natural forcings were able to exert a large effect over long timescales consider how much AGW could altar the trajectory and stability of sea level rise.
  9. There's nothing wrong with having pride in a group identity. Being racist does not necessarily imply that you think you are superior or they are inferior. it's such an odd term to begin with. I don't even think it was in our lexicon until recently. Things like this are distractions and cop-outs in a time when we need full-spectrum cohesion. (to steal a phrase from a very unlikable group)
  10. Absolutely ridiculous rhetoric. ICE infrastructure and transportation cannot be phased out because you would end up burning more fossil fuels and going into rare earth minerals overshoot to replace ICEs. Not to mention the tremendous loss in Gross Domestic Product and Jobs. I have always advocated for the disbandment of civilization. Technology got us into this situation and it is not our savior.
  11. Do you believe you will be exempt from the common destiny of snowless winters?
  12. More like never.... nice try.
  13. Imagine being a millennial.
  14. Seems more like a Hadley cell problem than a pattern reloading problem or bad Atlantic. In the end it's bad to chase ghosts especially when the timescales are so massive. You would be here in perpetuity constantly doubting your sanity. Feel free to call up David Keith or give him a tweet. Maybe he can help you or maybe it's out of his reach too.
  15. That is infact their singular unifying principle. We will agree to disagree on this alone.
  16. Let's start with separating anthropogenic global warming and civilization. In other words saving civilization as it exists now is not a requirement for any plan that addresses anthropogenic global warming. Extinction rebellion is not an environmental movement or a movement to address global warming. it's a battle over the future standard of living of it's constituents.
  17. You are ****ed if you are in the snow removal business. Find a new career. The one thing they couldn't automate was hopelessly ****ed. Go figure.
  18. We can get back to doing what we do best. IPAs and vineyards.
  19. Yes it's a longitudinal issue that will only get worse with climate change. I think this is the first winter where the Atlantic is overpowering the Pacific Doom Blob EPO. Remember the ocean is where the AGW signal will show up first.
  20. More like showmetherope @ 240hours on the Euro. This thread will be "dead" in 2 weeks.