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  1. Simply incredible, one day I hope I can re live a storm like that. I know you've posted that once before wasn't that off midland?
  2. Interesting to say the least gotta check the ensembles later to see if there was any change. If so, it could be an indication the pattern change is not smoke in mirrors.
  3. What a total fringe job this whole deal turned out to be I consider it pay back for last year when we had the sandhills special... I knew I'd pay dearly for that one and here it is. 33 and rain for 2 days lol. Definitely not sweating it though, I'll get mine this winter without a doubt
  4. Still 50/50 I think in sp, however, it looks like we could go all snow at any moment.
  5. Really? That's coming as a surprise, did you just start getting precip there? Been watching heavier returns begin to move into FAY wondering if maybe that may cool the column some.
  6. Interesting, GEFS really stalls it out. High really has the "banana" look
  7. GEFS is slower, maybe a touch south in some spots.
  8. Check this out, I like the grouping of lows beginning to cluster around the southern Mississippi/ Georgia border. Then look at the next frame, cluster appears to have moved due east. Perhaps this may imply a track closer to the gulf?