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  1. Speaking of severe. The kentucky part of our subforum should pay close attention tomorrow.
  2. Still a while out so timing cant be nailed down...Sometime around april 27-29 IMO. Then again this all could just disappear in the next run.
  3. This is the medium to long term thread. Friday is short term
  4. I'm with you on this. GFS, EURO, CFS, GEFS, and CIPS all hint at a big trough.
  5. After reviewing more data, GFS has been consistent the past 3 days with a large scale trough in the Apr 29-30th range. Euro is not quite in range but has a large trough over the plains at hour 240. CFS has been throwing a signal as well. CIPS also shows widespread severe at hour 240. Im sure someone with more knowledge of teleconnection and general patterns can chime in but there is a pretty strong signal from all the models ive seen.
  6. This has shown up in several runs. Believe the end of april might be big
  7. Yea...just going to leave this here
  8. HRRR has widespread cape of >2000 around the illinois/indiana/kentucky area.
  9. 12z HRRRX has 1500+ cape around northwest indiana
  10. Im very intrigued by April 1st. I know its 324 hours out but it looks to have good potential.
  11. 18z gfs shows a shortwave ahead of a surface on the 24th. 12z EURO indicates potential as well. The CFS chicklets have been showing potential for a while now. Both the euro and GFS have dew points of mid 50s around the i70 corridor. Figure it's worth keeping an eye on.
  12. System around 3/25 as modeled may offer a severe chance for the southern portion of the subforum and winter threat for northern part of forum.
  13. Fair enough. I knew it was warmer from a tweet I saw. Anomaly map makes more sense! Thanks!