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  1. ....Then snow and cold surely returns, and lasts and lasts. JB sayeth it so, lol.
  2. Well to play devil's advocate, we did have a 6 inch storm on the 26th of March in 2013, so it's possible to get one later. That was 2013 though.
  3. Joe Bastardi promising a delayed spring? Well....I.....never. Lock it in!
  4. No more than usual IMO. Our springs suck here anyway usually. Nothing sticking out that suggest anything beyond typical Pittsburgh suckage going into spring.
  5. Unless you have some sort of medical condition that makes 55 degree weather unbearable for you, why on earth would you be "wishcasting" for this in Pittsburgh....in March? Without true arctic air available (lol, this year), all that would essentially do is give us wind-whipped cloudy 40 degree weather with sleet and rain. Good God man, why?
  6. It's me. I jinx every storm I track. The last one I obsessively tracked was Jonas, and look what happened.
  7. Euro didn't look good.
  8. I'm a member there. Never posted, just read. You're right....good maps & discussion, but boy do they argue with each other. It's pretty funny at times.
  9. Ha! Be careful what you wish for. If it does truly wind up being another "Snowmageddon" period like they typical hypesters are saying (JB and Margusity verbatim), do you really think we'll also be blessed with the ensuing "slow melt" we had back in 2010? Do you have any idea of the flood disaster that was averted that year by nothing more than dumb luck? 2-3 feet worth of heavy, wet snow in this region miraculously melted over a 2-3 week period with almost no rain, sunny to partly cloudy skies, and normal temperatures. If you want my honest opinion, THAT was more notable than the snow itself. If this little Snowmageddon fantasy comes true over the next couple of weeks, I guarantee it's inevitable erasure isn't gonna go nearly as smoothly as it did in 2010, so be careful what you wish for. Unless you enjoy flooding and raw sewage running through the streets, incalculable property damage, etc.
  10. Goodbye snow this weekend...
  11. Yup, the period between Thursday and the end of the month could actually eclipse February 2010 if it all pans out. Everything seems to be a direct hit for the area right now. Amazing. With March opening on the cold side, we might now be seeing bare ground until at least the start of meteorological Spring.
  12. I like him a lot. I follow him exclusively when it comes to late season storms. He's very pragmatic, puts things into their proper prospective, and doesn't inject any personal preference or bias into his forecasting ideas. The best thing about him though, is how he refuses to make a call when he feels that it's too early. You've gotta admire that in a meteorologist. When you're informing the public about upcoming storm threats, you're doing it to serve them and not your own ego. I think he understands that, unlike "rockstar wannabes" like JB and his ilk.
  13. I used to think he was a long range forecasting God back in the early 2000's, but that was then and this is now. Even though I still read his tweets and watch his free videos, I still feel the same way as you do. My guess is that he's now in the business somehow of helping to drive oil futures up, and that he's resting on his prior rep in order to milk that gravy train for as long as he can. That's just a guess though. The only other alternative would be that he just totally lost his marbles a few years ago. Did you catch his video today? Just watch one of his videos and take a shot of whiskey each time he contradicts himself. For the shorter daily videos, you'll be well over the legal limit to drive by the end. For his longer weekly updates, you'll either be dead from alcohol poisoning or from choking on your own vomit.
  14. That was hilarious. I had the sound all the way up on my laptop, and he peaked the levels on the speakers and made my cat jump a little.