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  1. HAARP

    From everything I've read over the years about the HAARP technology, I've always surmised that it can't create low pressure or heights. I really have no clue whether or not this stuff actually exists or not....just theories, so take everything I say with a grain of salt. I'm just a gypsy blacktopper with a 10th grade educations who's got a big brain and loves conspiracy theories.
  2. The Panic Room--Winter 2017-2018

    Was he fat? Because fat kids don't go very fast on sleds. That's why you don't hear about kids getting hurt on sleds anymore in North America. Now that American children are all mostly obese little butterballs, sledding has become somewhat of a safe activity. Back when I was a kid in the 80's, stories of children splitting their heads open and winding up crippled from sled riding were commonplace. Now though, not so much.
  3. I have a 2011 328i with awd, and it's crap in the snow. Older Subarus are the best.
  4. I went to go get a can of Copenhagen just now, and slid all over the place. 2wd Ford F-150, fTW.
  5. After this, welcome to mud season. Upper 40's and rain.....Probably for a good 6 weeks straight.
  6. Re: Conspiracy Threads

    I try to think as pragmatically as possible about things. The first time I ever heard of "chemtrails" was around 2009 after I'd started dating a girl who was originally from the west coast. I'd never seen anything like she was describing in the western PA skies, so I mostly dismissed her claims as moronic rambling. I did start to observe the sky on a regular basis though, and for years (when it wasn't overcast) all I saw were regular contrails behind jets, and regular cloud formations. I even googled what chemtrails are "supposed" to look like, and never remembered seeing anything like that above my area. Then around 2013, I started noticing it. During the summers of '14, '15, and '16, it was commonplace for the morning sky in my area to be absolutely covered in persistent contrails, often in a sloppy grid-like pattern. As the day wore on, the trails would expand to encompass the entire visible sky in a milky white haze. Sometimes persistent contrails would continue to form well into the afternoon, below the "haze" created earlier in the day. Often times they'd cast a dark shadow on the haze itself. It was really weird. One day in particular during the spring of 2014 stands out among the rest though. The haze had already formed by around noon, however the air traffic continued heavily into the afternoon, creating a secondary grid pattern under the haze. It was like nothing I'd ever seen before. People were pulled off on the side of the road taking pictures of the sky. I stopped in a pull-off area and talked briefly to a guy who claimed to be a retired commercial pilot. He was as baffled by what he was seeing as everyone else was. I started to pay close attention to what days of the week this phenomenon was occurring, and realized that I never saw it on Sundays or on holidays. I also noticed that the aircraft that were making these persistent contrails seemed to be flying much higher than other jets. I looked at daily online air traffic maps which show spaghetti lines of all the commercial aircraft for any given day, and the lines didn't jibe with what I was seeing in the sky. I also did some research and learned about David Keith and his research. It sounded almost exactly like what I was seeing in the sky above my head most days. Then last spring and summer, it all but stopped. Even though we had a ton of precipitation here in 2017, the majority of the sunny and partly cloudy days felt brighter and warmer than they'd felt in years. Why the change? Also...not to sound "conspiratorial" or anything, but the whole "2 versions of the Sound of Music" thing is really freaky. For some people, conspiracy theories on the internet are like a sport. These people get all hot and bothered trying to either prove or debunk things, to the point where it actually affects their moods. It goes hand-in-hand with how confrontational of a society we've become in general. Everyone knows they're right about everything, and they perpetually argue and fight about every topic imaginable. Personally I couldn't care less. I don't really like humanity as a whole, so people's opinions and world views mean absolutely nothing to me. If anything I'm merely trying to disprove what I've personally seen with my own eyes because I find it rather disturbing. If there's a logical explanation as to why I've been actively watching the sky since 2009, and only noticed these things between 2013 and 2016....I'm all ears. If there's any evidence that they existed in the 80's or 90's, then I'd love to see it. I'd love to see the classic persistent contrail "grid pattern" from a 1980's or 90's photograph. The internet has yet to produce such evidence though.
  7. HAARP

    Sometimes I wish I would've been born an alligator. I'd live just as long, and I wouldn't have to think about or worry about all this stupid ****. I wouldn't have to pay bills either, or listen to people complain about politics. Aside from dragging the occasional jogger into a storm drain and eating them, I'd have little to no human contact and would live a charmed life.
  8. Hopefully we don't get a prolonged deep freeze next month. Not only would it make for pretty much the coldest winter I've ever experienced, but our infrastructure would really take a beating as well. More flooding in the city, ice jams, etc.....No fun.
  9. January Med/Long Range Disco Part 2

    If February does indeed wind up featuring a prolonged period of well below average temperatures in the east like December and this month have had, then this will truly go down in the books as a blockbuster winter as far as temperatures go. The only fly in the ointment is that you're never gonna have a clear, confident idea of what lies ahead for the latter portion of winter on January 21st of any year. That's because every year it's the same broken record right now from most of the pro long-range mets. Remember last year's "American Pie February" we were supposed to have? Or how 'bout "December to Remember"? How can you take someone seriously after monumental fails like that? Their biases, regardless of what motivates them, are pretty obvious. Dig deep enough for cold signals in the dead of winter and you'll find them. Doesn't mean they're gonna come to fruition verbatim.
  10. HAARP

    I never said it was, smartass.
  11. HAARP

    I remained pretty skeptical myself until about 9 years ago when the visual evidence became hard to ignore. Although I'd heard people talking about "chemtrails" for years (mostly through people I knew who lived on the west coast), I'd never noticed them here in the Pittsburgh area. Then out of the blue I started noticing them here. After that, about 50% of our "sunny" days here featured a trail-streaked sky which would slowly expand and dissipate into a milky, white haze throughout the afternoon. Sometimes the trails would be so concentrated that they'd cast shadows on one another. I also noticed that there were never any trails in our skies on major holidays. I have noticed a major decrease in them over the past year though, which makes me wonder if whatever program they're a part of is slowly being phased out. It's all just speculation though.
  12. HAARP

    Country living kicks ass. I live in a tiny little town of about 1,000 people. Hate city living. Been there, done that.
  13. I'm in Saltsburg, Indiana county. No way in hell did we get 5.5 inches. Maybe 3 inches tops.
  14. I'll be 40 next month. My dad is 67. More people have died from my graduating class since high school than his.
  15. ....And mainlining fentynal directly into arteries.