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  1. It will probably still be snowing in July. Yinzers will soon start to resemble the creatures from that movie The Descent due to lack of sunshine....only fatter, of course.
  2. Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't "The Mist" inspired by HAARP? That was one F'ed up movie.
  3. That's because it didn't. April 2014 was tropical compared to this. I'm 40, and I've never experienced anything remotely close to an April like this. Well, I did.....but that was in 1982 when I was 4 years old.
  4. America's political structure is designed to make people turn on one another like this. Especially these days. It's nothing more than interactive theater. You're a sucker if you believe what any politician says, or of you subscribe to any political ideology. None of it is real, which is why I find it so ironic and hilarious how we live in a primarily secular society, yet we still get all hot and bothered about make-believe things like borders, citizenship, and whether or not people like me are criminals for smoking a fatty in the comfort and safety of my own home.
  5. ...Only to tank back down to the 40's again next week with more rain and snow. It's a good thing though. We need the precipitation. It's been so dry, and there's been a landslide shortage in recent years.
  6. It should. Telliconnections support it (last time I checked), and our spring weather around here seems to come in 2 week intervals: Crappy, cold and wet / warm and less wet / back to crappy, cold and wet again. I stopped using the word "dry" in reference to southwestern PA about 10 years ago since it's so rare that we have a dry 72 hours around here, much less an entire week.
  7. This isn't a "weather forum for all enthusiasts". This is a snow lover's forum.
  8. I'm the "perpetrator" because I asked whether or not people get this exited every year when the GFS shows snow during the first part of April? That's some geeky mom's basement D&D logic right there. Incidentally now that I'm in the process of Doxing Daxx (that sorta rhymes, doesn't it?), it appears that's exactly what I was dealing with. I'll get back to my fun little project here and let you guys cry and commiserate about how much of a meanie I am and how much my screen name offends you, lol!
  9. It was a valid question. I was only asking it because a lot of you guys are acting like this has never happened before, while (at least in my experience) snow always seems to be modeled during the first part of April. On a personal level however, I now have another question....for you specifically. Do you talk like that in the "real world" to people's faces, or do you reserve your smugness for the internet where it's "safe" (it isn't, by the way)? I have a feeling I already know the answer to that one, but I just wanted to hear it from you.
  10. Models are always showing snow for PA during the first part of April. Do you guys get as giddy as this every year?
  11. We might as well live about 100 miles north of Toronto at this point.
  12. It's the thought of the fallout of us hitting that wall that keeps me up at night...
  13. For me at least, there's nothing more soul-crushing than waking up on what was forecast to be a clear May or June day, and walking outside to a crisscross white-painted sky. There's something inherently Orwellian about it that evokes just about every negative emotion imaginable. It just goes hand-in-hand with every other idiotic nuance of this clownishly moronic society we're living in these days, doesn't it? Sometimes I feel like life as I knew it ceased to exist sometime between 1999 and 2001, and I've been living in some sort of nightmarish, retarded reality ever since. Just look at pop culture for the past 15 years. Movies suck, and popular music is unbearably soulless and grating. Children these days (as well as most millennials and fellow gen-Xers) are essentially the definition of "cyborgs" in the sense that they are pretty much nonfunctional without some sort of plasma screened handheld devise guiding their every move and thought. There are very few independent thinkers left, as independent thinking has taken a backseat to general public consensus via social media. The "developed" world now operates with a hive mentality. Human beings now have more in common with ants and bees than we do primates or other mammals. The world has lost it's mystique. Love and romance have been explained away as nothing more than chemical actions within our brains. The pervasive rise of atheism has completely canceled out even the most obscure notions of spirituality, and anyone who dares reference such silliness is immediately singled out and ridiculed en mass by the hive. Nihilistic, pleasure-seeking behavior is rampant, which is why teenagers are still trying heroin for the first time nearly 20 years into the opiate epidemic. When everything falls apart and the fun's all over.....Just bring a gun to school and off a bunch of your classmates before you pop your own cap off, right? After all, that's what everyone's doing these days.... ....So it doesn't surprise me one bit that our devolved species has devised such a moronic plan to save it's bloated, obese, retarded self from eventual annihilation by it's own hand. Thankfully I've got a feeling that we'll end our own existence through our own idiocy long before our planet ever truly turns on us to the extent where we'd be frying in the sun like eggs on a stove. Sorry for the rant.....I'm feeling a little bit dark this evening.
  14. I'm really getting sick of human beings. I remember hearing the phrase "hacking the planet" in passing a few times back in the mid 2000's. I can't remember the exact context, which means it was probably a topic of conversation among my ex-wife and her obnoxious hipster pseudo-intellectual "college friends" at some gathering I wished I wasn't at. That phrase was probably imprinted in my subconscious mind even though I wasn't paying attention, simply because it was so idiotically cringe-worthy. In interviews I've seen, David Keith is eerily reminiscent of the kind of effeminate, smug, girly men my ex used to hang out with. In one of his interviews I saw he was actually wearing a Joy Division t-shirt. I'm sure he was wearing it "ironically" though, and probably has no clue who Ian Curtis even was. But I digress..... My point is that this doesn't surprise me in the least bit. Geoengineering has been going on for years, and during the Obama administration SRM increased dramatically both in coverage, as well as frequency. There's a mountain of evidence that illustrates it's negative impacts (snow and soil aluminum content, damage to plant life, etc), but is there any evidence whatsoever to it's alleged positive effects?