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  1. February Mid/Long Range Discussion 2

    That angle is always so obtuse. Hey oh!
  2. Richmond Metro/Hampton Roads Discussion

    Nice. I would think RIC will record a trace...when I went to the gym 5:00AM it was drizzling, I came out at 6:00 to moderate to heavy snow, by 7:00 it was sticking to less traveled side roads. Caught the schools in a bind as buses were delayed due to slush on the side roads...certainly glad they didn't try and close schools. Close to 1/4 to 1/2 inch on my lawn but borderline temps, my weather station said 34 degrees, by the time I was driving to work it was about 75% melted.
  3. Richmond Metro/Hampton Roads Discussion

    Doubtful they break it seeing as how it's 17.5". He meant for the date, 1/17...would be news if they broke their actual daily snowfall record for all days. What are we at for total in RIC - RIC Airport? For the winter, 7.5"?
  4. Richmond Metro/Hampton Roads Discussion

    Yeah, I am guessing, looking out my window at work here in Innsbrook, that it's 2" on grass but as you pointed out, too light to build up on the roads...was hoping for an early departure but doesn't look too bad on the roads.
  5. Richmond Metro/Hampton Roads Discussion

    I just want one big one and I am good. These small events are better than nothing but want one big enough where I am home from work and me and my wife can walk up to the bars near our house in the snow. BUT, that one big one could tear up the kiddie's spring break, they are already going to give up President's Day when they are closed tomorrow. Shoot, that 4 days they missed for that 2", granted the first 3 days I think were justified but the 4th, not sure about but given they have to take in account the whole county and that may have included some jackpot zones, I get it. Hope we get an over performer but looking at radar returns, it feels like i have seen this movie before...
  6. Richmond Metro/Hampton Roads Discussion

    Oh he is a piece of work. I totally respect his knowledge and can understand his weenieism toward the area but I know far better to engage with him at via any form of social media.
  7. Richmond Metro/Hampton Roads Discussion

    Good tip. I know DT is bullish and everybody, and I mean everybody here at my office follows him. We have had a couple of opportunities but none have truly delivered and I can't complain in a region that can go years without a snow chance when we have 3 before the end of January but the hate for the RIC in other threads is a bit annoying. It's like we get dumped on all the time. Bob C. put a nice PSA out there and did some clean up in the thread but wow, winter is not over and I will bet a dozen Krispy Kremes that Winchester, DC and other points will do far better than RVA when all is said and done.
  8. Richmond Metro/Hampton Roads Discussion

    We had some snow from freezing fog here in the West End of Richmond this morning. Pretty cool as I had not experienced that act of weather. Fingers crossed for 2-3" tomorrow but despite what models show, we rarely do well with these. I will not be surprised to wake up to brown grass and clear pavement tomorrow.
  9. Richmond Metro/Hampton Roads Discussion

    Seeing flakes in Tuckahoe now.
  10. Richmond Metro/Hampton Roads Discussion

    All are welcome here. It is tough as the good content is in the DC centric threads and all of Maryland and NoVA. I just tend to lurk and not post in those threads as they don't really consider anything south of Fredericksburg as the mid-Atlantic. At least we will have some cold for Christmas, I just wanted it cold enough to have a fire. Models looking to set something up for late next week. If it stays on the models over the weekend, we could be looking at a big dog.
  11. December 11 Week Event(s)

    At least snow has a possibility of coming to fruition.
  12. Richmond Metro/Hampton Roads Discussion

    Feel like the TV Mets were a little behind on this one and I know the models were late and this is Richmond climo. However, when Norman, OK is discussing the possibility of 1" an hour rates, even if it doesn't stick to the roads, visibility becomes treacherous. The ride home from work was tricky, lots of accidents.
  13. Richmond Metro/Hampton Roads Discussion

    Just drove back from Williamsburg to Glen Allen, rain snow line was 13 miles east of RIC. Snowing to beat the band out here now, temp was 45 when I left at 12:35 and now 34 when I got back at 3:15. J.C.'s special at Pierce's hit the spot but when did they eliminate the cookie from the deal?
  14. Richmond Metro/Hampton Roads Discussion

    Slushy inch...glad somebody posted in this thread because even though we are Mid-Atlantic, the model thread is DC centric. BUT - cold enough for Midlo to fire up his gun(s) and start his snowpack. So, mulch and grass cover for the city and Henrico but much more south of the river in his front yard.
  15. Richmond Metro/Hampton Roads Discussion

    Bring it! Let's have a front loaded winter and be in shorts by March.