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  1. Highs in the 50’s in mid-March is not a torch.
  2. If we do get a lot of snow it will stick around for a while.Temps go below freezing Mon night and stay below freezing until Friday or maybe even Saturday.I
  3. I believe this is the first time this winter NYC has been in the jackpot.
  4. Yes I was looking at the app. Just for s and grins. I don’t put much stock in it.
  5. TWC covering their assets. They say less than one inch of snow expected in the next 48 hours. But then the next line says that forecast can change.
  6. And it looks like most of the snow is going to fall after dark so sun angle will not be a factor.
  7. I will definitely take that. But the way this winter is going I don’t believe it till I see it.
  8. TWC radar says it’s snowing here in Brooklyn but I’m seeing nothing but rain drops. What gives?