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  1. Yes, I still consider it a positive bust considering the reputation of the Springfield area. Congrats on your 20, that's awesome.
  2. Hi could I get a log in? Thanks.
  3. About 7 round one, 7.5 round two for a total of 14.5" in West Springfield
  4. Coming down steady here in Springfield. Roads are coated after being wet all day.
  5. Just flipped back to snow. Large flakes.
  6. 5.125" so far, haven't heard a plow. Dozens of cars stuck around Springfield.
  7. Count me in for East Springfield! Thanks
  8. 4" in Springfield. ~7" on summit of Mt. Tom after an evening snowstorm hike.
  9. Great thread to follow, thanks to all. I'm still learning about the area's climate (moved to Springfield recently). Exciting stuff. Is Springfield at a disadvantage for this storm due to its low elevation? Too warm at the lower levels?