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  1. To break up the doom and gloom. Nam showing a little more amplification on the weekend storm, may atleast mean rain or flurries for somebody.....
  2. Something ive also been trying to pay more attention to is dew points, ive been watching the p types change imby based more off that then temp(when near freezing) Note the 42° forecasted over wake at about 18z friday, obviously it all will change 20 times but i get so caught up on temps i forget how much this can matter. Thats why i generally cringe with the NW trend beggars because when your closer to the coast that warm moist air gets pulled in incredibly easily.
  3. 12z gfs, looks familiar
  4. Noticing a few pings of sleet in durham with mainly moderate rain 40°
  5. Looks like some potential cold air incoming as the run ends at christmas eve.
  6. Id think this line will be about 50 miles NW of whats shown for accumulating snow
  7. Atleast last January there was cold around. Yes it came after the rain but it was still there. Theres just no real cold air, i need to stop wasting time tracking until temps arent so marginal at best.
  8. Also live near the cold rain snow hole Since moving down from the MA i have resorted to buying the cheap gel cling snowflakes for my windows, makes it feel more like winter. Atleast my palm trees grow great.
  9. Nam seems to be trying to slow down the rain a bit from previous runs.
  10. Nice to see the pattern continuing to the end of the run, lots of opportunities for somebody
  11. Atleast it should feel like a week before xmas....unless your used to the usual tank tops and flip flops christmases
  12. 18z GEFS
  13. Gefs much like the OP
  14. HMON showing sub 900 at landfall, GFS just above 900. Curious to see where it actually is at that time.
  15. Seems like most of the hurricane models keep it off the florida coast, some closer than others. We should be getting in their range for florida atleast