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  1. Sleeting like I've never seen before in my life. Every surface covered, cars incased in ice... This is pretty wild.
  2. Looks to be about 2" in Newburg at the Nice Bridge. Beautiful! Planning to stay indoors tomorrow. Sounds like the ice is expected to be worse south and east of DC.
  3. .5" on the grass and cars in Newburg at the Nice bridge. Nothing sticking to the roads.
  4. 33 and steady but light snowfall here in Waldorf. Not sticking to anything, but it sure is pretty to look at!
  5. 35 in Waldorf, very steady snow, but not sticking obviously. Pretty from my office window, at least!
  6. 40/32 in Newburg, MD. NWS calling for 3" here, which I find laughable. Expecting a dusting at most.
  7. long time lurker, first time main thread poster. Sitting in a pretty heavy band for the last hour or so here at the Nice Bridge. 2" at least, but hard to measure as it's all wind-blown
  8. Seems like the rates have increased for everyone in the last hour or so. Closing in on 2" in Newburg, MD already!
  9. Had about half an inch here in Newburg around 8am, but it's coming down at a much better clip now. Closing in on 2" already! I think our plans to drive to Winchester are going to be put on hold until tomorrow.
  10. Looks like the kids will have enough snow on the ground to play in, at least! We'll be in Winchester for most of the day Saturday, but with the cold temps behind this storm, I'm hoping we'll have minimal melting and plenty left over to play in on Sunday.
  11. Seeing some flakes here in Newburg. It almost sounds like sleet, maybe graupel? Kinda hard to see in the dark and it's too cold to go out and investigate further ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  12. Checking in from Newburg. I hope this NW trend continues. Saw some flurries while at work in Waldorf today and got pretty excited for the real deal tomorrow night. Go NAM!