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  1. C'mon man, show some dignity! This place is rated PG-13 at the worst! (Oh, and love it when you talk so dirty about the models like that! You can grab 'em by the vorticity, and they let you do it, because you're a snow weenie!)
  2. I sure have heard it, several times...and have seen it performed live a time or two. You're absolutely right, the same motif shows up throughout. It also has one of the more unusual transitions from the 3rd to 4th movement (no pause, really, it just goes right into the 4th).
  3. Wow! I'm thinking we might be better off going back to the quasi-political discussion from earlier!! Or not...this might be more fun!!
  4. OK, while I definitely appreciate music, I cannot read it all that much. What piece is that from?? (ETA: Of course!! From the 1st movement of Beethoven's 5th Symphony? Considering @stormtracker issued the "warning" comment, and looking at the musical notes now in my mind.)
  5. I know, I know...shouldn't have made that (not too) subtle comment, but couldn't resist I suppose! Hey...my bad @stormtracker...and my apologies. I probably should not have replied a page or so back with my "FOX" comment, but I thought it would be lightly humorous enough without being *too* political (and it was in response to someone humorously saying "fake nuze", so the follow-up seemed like an appropriate "touche!" at the time!). Didn't expect a bunch of related commentary to ensue...oh well. And this is a fantastic winter! Record breaking...errr, wait a minute, I'm thinking of 10 years ago!!
  6. I think you misspelled "FOX" there...(ducking for cover).
  7. Well, if you're looking at the *total* QPF through that time (I'm looking at TT site), then yeah, it would appear like huge swaths of moisture because it's a total amount over all those hours. Sort of like a Jackson Pollock painting (I use the term "painting" very loosely, hahaha!). Much larger area then, of course, would be covered by something, especially when you get out in time. But if you're looking at the 24-h amounts, you should see more "motion" (for lack of a better word) as a system moves through...it will increase, then decrease, over an area for various 24-h increments.
  8. Yeah, that sure is a nice look. Cold, Arctic high pushing east with a wave underneath that is dumping moisture into the cold air. Not a HECS, but a nice overrunning event as shown. Same general time frame that some form of this has been showing up. And that's some cold air over this area, too, while the precip is ongoing.
  9. Hahaha! I know...I was making a weak attempt to riff on the old "you can take the so-and-so out of wherever, but you cannot take the wherever out of the so-and-so"! (or something like that!).
  10. So...you can take the meteorologist out of moderator, but you can't take the moderator out of the girl!
  11. I would think so too...but at the same time, isn't that ridging off the coast and up into the northeast kind of not ideal? But we're talking day 10, so I shouldn't parse such details. The setup is showing up, and has been showing up, for a little while now in the general time frame.
  12. Yeah...the last 5-6 Marches in particular have highlighted this!
  13. Lunatics running the asylum, it seems..."Weenies Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest"? ; ) I admit I'm as weenie as anyone when it comes to snow, following the storms is fun (though frustrating at the same time, too). But I try to keep the frustration mostly to myself and out of the medium range and storm related threads, when things don't work out. Light banter maybe sometimes in there, but I've tried to keep most stuff in the Banter forum or the Panic Room for fun. I'm sure several others are the same, and I know you're not aiming that comment at them or me...but you're right. And thanks to you and other mods for at least trying to keep it somewhat under control. The past couple of years it has gotten really insufferable at times in the main discussion areas!
  14. Yeah, looks like the trough doesn't quite dig as much as the 06Z did (or the other couple of previous cycles that had a good event). So it doesn't get going really until it's well offshore and it doesn't "turn the corner" much up the coast for us. But...the idea is still there at that range, and has been for a little while now. Guess that's all we can ask at this point.
  15. I may not be that much of an expert (nor do I play one on TV, and have not stayed at a Holiday Inn Express)...but my 2 copper coins worth: The "main" southern stream trough actually has a neutral tilt (aligned more or less north-south). The northern stream energy up around WI is neutral to slightly positive tilt. But it sure looks like it's getting close to phasing with the southern stream...which, if it did, would probably result in a closed off system that becomes negatively tilted. (Note: "positive" tilt, trough aligned more southwest-northeast in the flow..."negative" tilt, aligned northwest-southeast, and can become closed off..."neutral" tilt, aligned more north-south. Generally speaking, a positively tilted trough is weaker, and the energy can tend to get sheared out. A negative tilt or closed low implies a slow moving or intensifying system, or perhaps phasing if there's more than one stream...these tend to be much stronger. A neutrally tilted trough is kind of, well, neutral or "in the middle", could imply a trough that's amplifying and potentially can become negatively tilted.)
  16. You know what that means, professor? YOU DON'T GET...THE UNICORN! AWWWW! (Actually, they did get the unicorn in the end, so who knows!!!)
  17. Horrible news about Kobe Bryant...just awful and depressing. May he rest in peace, and may his surviving family find the strength to overcome this tragedy.
  18. Wait...so I haven't delved into what the GGEM shows, but just looking at the image posted above by @Chris78, I would have thought all or mostly rain incoming. How does it dump 6"+ over the area?? I know, I know...snow maps and all that, but still.
  19. Yup, damn that is remarkably close to a nice phase. But even missing that, white rain I suppose is better than rain only at this point. Maybe. I'm sure we'll see something different in a few hours, so many small details out there several days in advance.
  20. If this were a painting or photo in an art museum, the caption would read: "The Distraught Reaper: How he almost got @showmethesnow's soul, but was denied a call yet again. The astute observer will note the extreme disappointment in the skull-like face as he looks down at the table, while drowning his sorrows in bourbon. Oil on canvas, circa January 2020."
  21. Ji being positive? Dogs and cats, living together! Mass hysteria!! (Just for the Reaper, I should probably add "The dead rising from the grave!" line from Ghostbusters, as well!!)
  22. Yeah, this has been a very frustrating year with regard to anything that can fail for us, found a way to fail. We've seen a handful of good looks, sure, but they quickly disappeared. Or a couple of models would show it, but others would indicate an unfavorable scenario. That's different from last year, when (as I recall?) most every model and ensemble was pointing toward a very good pattern but it just never really occurred (I'm thinking of last part of Dec and into Jan, there about). I've said this before, I know, but you've been spot-on with the warnings that if certain things lined up like some of the guidance was definitely showing, we might be in serious trouble. Those warnings were correct, not so much because we're witnessing it real-time now, but even if we didn't, the hypothetical idea was right (if that makes sense). Unfortunately, we've seen what seems to be just about everything (or at least too many things) work out wrong. Perfect 988 coastal location off Hatteras and then Ocean City? Holy cow, the entire eastern seaboard should get bombed! Oh, wait...sorry, the antecedent airmass sucks, and we've got too much southerly flow beforehand, so it's rain all the way to the NY state line! Nice, solid, cold-air damming situation even with a storm to our west? We should get a decent thump to ice to drizzle! Nope...the precip is too light as the low went way too far west, resulting in the moisture trajectory going elsewhere. So we get 2 flakes and then light rain. I'm not giving up hope for...something!...quite yet. And by something, I mean not just an inch or two of slush that barely stays on the sidewalks. No, I'm not talking about a HECS or even a near-HECS. But I hold out hope for a general warning-level event sometime Feb/Mar, with some good cold air, that everyone will like. I know there are some here who don't care for late-season snows (like in March), but personally, I'd be fine with a storm in the first part of March even if it's not something that will be on the ground for a long time. Hell, we had enough times in that month within recent memory that actually were below freezing during the day, even a couple of days, around a storm.
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