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  1. It does look like other than the middle of this week, Nearly every other day of over the next two weeks will be at or above normal. I’m surprised that rapid change hasn’t gotten more attention on the site The air that follows next weeks cutter doesnt look all that cold...as of now
  2. Been above freezing for 24 hours straight. Temps seem to be coming in warmer than expected this week as well. After we receive the snow I thought we would have it around through Saturday Disappointing end to our first snowstorm; but it is the norm for the 2010s. We have had plenty of snow, but we just don’t seem to keep the cold air in place and keep snow cover in place for extended periods of time unless it is a massive storm 34F at 7am
  3. Took off out of JFK earlier Ironically, JFK ended up with more snow on the ground than most of Queens. Once the sun set, the southern parts of BK and Queens must have has some stronger precip. There is a line that extends about a mile inland where open areas are white...beyond that, not very white
  4. 3.5 inches Heavy wet snow that turned to ice as it got colder last night Not a bust here...models were spot on with a tail end 1-4 since Wednesday. That is what we got
  5. I just drove up from JFK into Westchester North of the Cross County there appears to be the beginning of a snowstorm. South of that is just white rain. I’m not sure where the roads are seeing covering, but even up here the roads are just wet at this point.
  6. This photo sums up JFK That .1 must have been measured on a car roof
  7. No offense guys, time for a reality check: 1. The only place I saw anything above a slushy inch or two for the city was on this forum. No forecast called for that. No one cherry picked the best models having the best runs and publicized that. 2. The models have been very consistent and accurate. I said this last night: snow to snow/rain to rain to snow/rain to snow. They have showed this since Wednesday. If you chose to discount that for a favored run, that is your own fault 3. Temps were always going to be in the 30s, not 20s. That means grassy, wooded, hilly areas of the metro do well. That means the stoop on your Brooklyn walkup does bad. Slushy 1-2 inches on the back end. We discussed that on Thanksgiving...and surprise...that is what we’ve got. South shore does bad in those situations...hello JFK with lowest total. This storm was modeled very well. Many of you just didnt want to see it. It is a long winter. This is 12/1. Pace yourselves.
  8. Hastings doing well so far Snow and 33F We shall see how this progresses
  9. Sleet/freezing rain. 32F and change and climbing slowly
  10. You could never lock it in There seems to be a storm that is going to possibly leave a couple of inches of snow on the ground as it pulls away What we are hoping for is a repeat of last November But the models of been pretty consistent about that warm tongue thru Central Long Island They have also been pretty consistent about a heavy band of snow setting up somewhere in central New Jersey could all of that shift ? sure Have there been any deviations from what was forecasted thus far? Not really With most snowstorms dont we usually have very good confidence in what we are getting within 24 hours? Yes Could we throw all the caution in the wind and say there’s a possibility of warning snows in New York City? I guess. But that seems more hype and wish casting at this point than run after run various models have shown
  11. So far this storm (part 1) has played out exactly as modeled give or take some variance. That doesnt bode well for most of you on this forum going forward if: a) you trust the models b) you acknowledge models have been pretty good thus far Accuweather hasnt budged from their 1-2 inch forecast for lower westchester for several days...not that that means much.
  12. We lived in Astoria for the big el Nino blizzard a few years ago and I could quote your father. You know when you’re looking at something that’s going to come around once in your lifetime. You just know