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  1. Ironically the Accuweather Long Term predicted this kind of spring Frankly, with the weather changes over the last 20 years, you have a good probability that the summer is going to be HOT. And that the heat will extend thru Sept. With those odds, I will take as much cool spring weather as I can get. Ironically, June is one of our months least affected by “warming” over the last 20 years Enjoy it guys
  2. 25F Time for Tulips now...
  3. jfklganyc

    March, 2019

    I was a but surprised by today. Wind and clouds not giving me the “warm” feel I expected. 60F
  4. jfklganyc

    March, 2019

    About 1/2 inch of snow and ice before the rain came. Now slush 35F. Up 2 degrees in last 2 hours
  5. jfklganyc

    Meteorological Winter 2018 Banter

    A lot of the pilots that had houses in Long Beach are selling them off. The mandated raising of houses for insurance and the ridiculous expense and time to do it are turning people off. You’re best if you are a newcomer and could go and buy a raised house...but you pay a premium
  6. jfklganyc

    March, 2019

    13F 2 extremely cold March Mornings
  7. jfklganyc

    March, 2019

    14F Impressive
  8. jfklganyc

    March, 2019

    18F. Full snowpack. Beautiful winter evening. But the sun angle is really starting to shrink things despite the cold...Spring is coming
  9. jfklganyc

    Meteorological Winter 2018 Banter

    Check out this photo from Belleayre yesterday. What a great winter they are having! Im also enjoying the winter week of snow covered ground and cold down by us!
  10. 8 inches of heavy, wet snow in Hastings om Hudson
  11. You made me walk out and re measure. I am ashamed to say...it is 3! There was a spot with remaining snow on ground. My apologies
  12. Take a screen shot and upload. Works great lasts long time
  13. Reading the city posts...if I was surrounded by concrete I would be! haha
  14. jfklganyc

    March 3rd-4th Shellacking threat

    Closing in on 4 inches