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  1. 55F Noticeable color on the trees in Southern Westchester now. Early this year
  2. Yes. Could be good for us if it continues to winter thru winter. We havent seen this prolonged pattern in a while
  3. 45F this morning I dont understand the complaints about the low dews. Feels like the Rockies. Cool, crisp, dry. I wish we had it more often. And the lows are over performing due to the dryness!
  4. If it means keeping outdoor spaces open, case counts down, and my kids going to school...hell yes!
  5. 47F this am. I’ll be the one to say it… It’s too early for this shit… Especially with this pandemic going on. Of all years we needed warm weather and a pleasant fall
  6. Dare I say it is pleasant out with a stiff N wind off water. A bit surprised
  7. 68F, rain, stiff east/northeast wind off the water for past few days in Wading River Feels like fall. Love it
  8. finally a pleasant day. Almost Sept like. 77F. Not to humid
  9. Nothing burger in Wading River. Occasional squalls when a band moves through. Occasional sun. Mainly just fast moving clouds and some wind. Water is a bit odd. Swells from the NE. Wind from the SE. The effect on moored boats is to be pushed off short to the NW yet get a broadside slam from the east.
  10. I think the raw weather is really getting to people because of the pandemic. At this time people need sunshine and warmth for mental reasons. That hasn’t happened
  11. I called this in February. You cant run +5 or so for the year unless the earth is on fire. If summer has been running warm (it has) If fall (sans Nov) has been running warm (it has) And you find yourself +5 two months into the new year...something has to give somewhere. Would anybody in their right mind call for a BN July or August in the 2010s? It would be unusual The relief valve has been spring. Made perfect sense that it would occur this year
  12. 39F I have spent the last few weeks in Florida...funny how the early “leaf out” never really occurred Forsythias are blooming during the first week of April...as they should A little early, but nothing extreme
  13. Lost in all this virus hysteria is how extraordinarily warm it continues to be. At some point, during a slow news day, some local channel is going to realize it has been 5 degrees above normal for 3 months straight 41F Of interest, on my arrival into JFK the other day, I worked in LGA weather into my PA. First time I ever did that. The JFK weather wasnt representative of the weather at the destination. JFK was at 8C and LGA was 19C...an astronomical difference. Of course, the light SW wind off the water will do that in March