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  1. 46F Everyone loves the beautiful weather However, let’s not mask the fact that this is yet another relentless +10 period. It is way too early for this, with no extended normal weather in sight. Very alarming...again
  2. 30F frost. high yesterday 65F. Rockies weather. Very nice 33F at Cross County 39F at Bronx line 43F in Queens The urban heat island on these above normal days always fascinates me in its strength.
  3. 45F Dense Fog. less than 1/4 vis I love a foggy morning!
  4. 28F And unexpectedly cold run this morning
  5. We are 200 feet up on a hill ...Winds were actually scary last night 18 F now
  6. 48F under brilliant sunshine in Hastings
  7. Cold Front swung thru. NW wind at 12 kts gusting to 30 throughout region Temps wont move much today
  8. It’s over. A vacation for a few weeks at the end of February brings you mid March. Just running out the clock at this point. Beyond that, it’s wet slop and a note in record book. 39F at 6 am. Well above my forecasted low. High was 54F yesterday.
  9. 54F Beautiful day. Good run...But a sad, abrupt end to it all.
  10. Much warmer on drive from Westchester to city. 39F->46F in a few miles. Very unusual during the daylight hours
  11. A sheet of ice this evening...This snow turned to rain and ice after 2 inches. quite the day for winter weather when none was expected! 34F
  12. Very very slippery. Just took a slide down driveway with snowblower in tow
  13. Hastings flipped. Nice way to wrap up February. Although I always snow to rain events. I almost rather it be all rain