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  1. I think the raw weather is really getting to people because of the pandemic. At this time people need sunshine and warmth for mental reasons. That hasn’t happened
  2. I called this in February. You cant run +5 or so for the year unless the earth is on fire. If summer has been running warm (it has) If fall (sans Nov) has been running warm (it has) And you find yourself +5 two months into the new year...something has to give somewhere. Would anybody in their right mind call for a BN July or August in the 2010s? It would be unusual The relief valve has been spring. Made perfect sense that it would occur this year
  3. 39F I have spent the last few weeks in Florida...funny how the early “leaf out” never really occurred Forsythias are blooming during the first week of April...as they should A little early, but nothing extreme
  4. Lost in all this virus hysteria is how extraordinarily warm it continues to be. At some point, during a slow news day, some local channel is going to realize it has been 5 degrees above normal for 3 months straight 41F Of interest, on my arrival into JFK the other day, I worked in LGA weather into my PA. First time I ever did that. The JFK weather wasnt representative of the weather at the destination. JFK was at 8C and LGA was 19C...an astronomical difference. Of course, the light SW wind off the water will do that in March
  5. I am not optimistic about spring There is no way we could continue +5+6 indefinitely And for some reason we are to believe that the pattern that has been stuck in place for the past couple of winters won’t play out in March/Aprillike it always has... a warm spring would be the only part of this re run that is not a re run Frankly, I just dont believe it. Time will tell
  6. 34F Mist I can’t remember the last time I saw a snowflake in the area
  7. If you take out the first three weeks of December where are we in relation to the warmest winter ever? We have to be close right? I certainly never remember winter that has just been so consistently warm every day
  8. Yes, but I feel we are getting a little lackadaisical on the fact that what is going on here. Nothing like this has occurred in this area since modern record keeping began in the late 1800s I think that is important to emphasize. While there was nothing inherently wrong with the original post, It gives fuel to some posters that try to brush all this off as a statistical anomaly...which it clearly isnt
  9. It was nothing like this It is much, much warmer now. Emphasis on much. I see 2 days with normal temps in the next 15 days.
  10. I was doing some yardwork this afternoon and noticed some bugs flying around 50f currently. scary times even if u like the warmth
  11. For my peeps suffering at home in the warm weather… The Adirondacks have plenty of snow and cold
  12. Snowless winter for NYC is coming. Follow the trends Heck, other than that mid Jan storm and a storm last march, NYC hasnt had snow on the ground for more than a day in 2 years. We heard this was coming for 30 years, and all at once it MAY have showed up under our noses Dec 22-> with no end in sight to the warmth
  13. You may not hit top 10 if you get a cold snap Keep in mind mid 40s isn’t that much above normal as you close in middle and later in the month if you get one of those Weaks below normal, you pull away from the warmest months on record Now if mid 40s becomes mid 60s, We are off to the races