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  1. We can no longer discount the extreme warmth. This new normal isnt historically normal for this area at all. Comparing these last few years to historical averages with a much cooler planet is an apples to oranges comparison. The Nino season snapped something. Nothing has been the same since then
  2. 47F Insects galore. Its like we live in a new climate...as soon as we pop into the mid 40s, they come out
  3. Lots of Frost 26F. A sure sign that a warmer air mass is coming in today. But looks pretty and reminds me it is January
  4. Yes but again, it’s being driven by overnight lows. As several posters have pointed out. Daytime highs have not been that mild... yet. This week is a whole different story.
  5. I’m going to say mid 2000s. It was the middle of January. At the end of the week we had 6+ inches on the ground in city
  6. Look, at least it is somewhat cold. 40 day, 25 night. We have had a lot worse in terms of January. It will snow this month. And it looks like a good chunk of it will be coldish (slightly above normal but still feel like January) I’ll take it
  7. Are we going to have the rare day where we under perform today? Only 29F at 1130a
  8. That was obvious from late December onward. People just didnt want to see it
  9. 34F when I left at 4 am. 37F when I arrived home at 5pm. Says so much and nothing at all.
  10. The snow cover line begins right at 287 where there is elevation: Tarrytown has snow, Nyack does not. The storm was modeled perfectly. Models continue to be spot on. Disappointment source is from not excepting what the models are showing OR using one-off runs in the 24 hours prior to verify a wishcast.
  11. 32F. That sums up my snowfall. Im driving up to belleayre today and curious as to where the accumulating snow line was. im assuming 10-30 north of 287 depending on elevation
  12. Just south of 287 in Westchester at 33F
  13. Interesting temperature gradient… It’s raining on the east side of Westchester and snow as you get closer to Hudson.