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  1. City/LI/North in the 70s anytime I checked today. Still in the 70s. 73F Here now. clouds.
  2. I must be missing something with this talk of 90 today in this forum. Im at 76F at 245pm. It is pouring...again. The only thing today will be is a BN day. What are other posters seeing that I am missing?
  3. 74.8 at noon. Rain still falling. Do we hit 80 today?
  4. Severe TStorm Warning....and man is it warranted! Like the end of time in westchester!
  5. Just landed at JFK. Lots of ominous looking cumulonimbus from JFK on West. I’m thinking this is going to be a fun afternoon and I’m glad I flew early!
  6. Few drops in Wading River
  7. And here she is! Winds gusting well over 40
  8. Ugly weather inbound along north shore of LI
  9. Massive storm over the Sound. Never a drop on north shore
  10. When you look up and see a widebody is on final approach to Islip, you know something bad is happening in the JFK area!
  11. Towering Cumulus down spine of island a few miles south of North Shore
  12. Those elusive 90s still seem elusive next week after all?
  13. North shore sunny today. Perfect beach day...although cool for swimming. Nice shot from last night