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  1. “Yet another 100° heat index today... this is really getting old!! We've never used the pool this late in the year, but records are meant to be broken I guess. A rhubarb gin & tonic helps take the edge off. ;-) #Miami “ See, I disregard this post as sensationalist garbage when you tell us you have never used a pool in late October in Miami. Miami is swimmable year round with the exception of some cool shots that happen in the dead of winter. Always has been. That’s why I fly full flights to S florida all winter long ✈️
  2. Most intelligent post in this thread Wasnt it supposed to be 85F on Monday? What happened to that forecast from a week ago?
  3. 47F this morning First time it has been that cool in a while Stop trying to predict winter. It never goes well I think this coastal low bodes well for us going forward Second storm in a week...something that was elusive last winter
  4. Moon beautiful this morning! 53F at 6am...and that is AN for a low again.
  5. It was a very cool storm from the air I was flying the WATRS Tracks down to the Turks and Ciacos today. On the way down they kept us closer to the coast, But on the way back they sent us right up. She’s a monster. Nice flying conditions behind it though. I think we bust warm this weekend. This airmass wants to go for low 70s without clouds.
  6. Long Islands downfall was never allowing a bridge (or two) to be built. Now, with the NYC traffic surge, there is simply no easy way off the island. Draw a line at the Meadowbrook...pick an east-west highway and sit in miles of traffic to get to an ancient bridge in Queens. Or...that ferry
  7. In fairness, that map is heavily skewed to the one 90 degree day we had. If you took it out, temperatures would be slightly below normal because of this weekend. But that would balance out to above normal again at the end of this week. So your point is valid
  8. I’m in Westchester… I woke up this morning and it was 59.5° out ...well above normal. We will be in that uniform temperature environment with BN days and AN nights for the next few days. once the storm passes it looks like we’re normal to above normal quite quickly.
  9. They keep doing the smiley emoji at you... But so far you have been spot on. A few cool days. This week is masked by this storm...but it is 60 at 7am. Sat thru Wed all look AN. Long story short, this cool stretch isnt that cool
  10. Nothing can top last year. I never saw a peak color like that in NYC. Happened first week in Nov This year we already lost several trees to color and now brown (in northern burbs) So whatever is coming will be minus those trees that peaked last week
  11. Drought conditions? If you go through a real drought here: when they shut off fountains, when firework displays are stopped, when lawn watering is rationed or stopped, when a Pope lands and it starts raining and he starts sprinkling his hands with glee... You would never call a month of somewhat dry weather drought conditions. Droughts like 1995 will come again. Then you will see how extreme drought conditions are
  12. 7am: 39F. Coldest day of the season thus far. What an extreme week...
  13. 55F Drizzle -33 degrees since yesterday at 3pm when the storms rolled thru Very happy for the rain!!