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  1. Sharp cutoff in that Oct 2011 storm around Maspeth, Queens. Everything east of that got little to nothing. We had to shovel in Park Slope. It all melted the next day
  2. More banter, but also relevant given the patterns we have seen twice in the last 13 months: Anyone else worried about the extreme flip pattern from Sept 2017 and January 2018 returning after this cool snap? If that pattern holds, mid November, thru much of December would be AN, correct? I believe that we are expecting an El Nino December as well...
  3. Why isnt anyone talking about the cool (seasonal) day tomorrow that seemed to pop up over last 24 hours? This is no longer 4 straight days of 80, correct?
  4. Clearing in Eastern Suffolk. Wonder if temps overperform out this way? Already 69F El Nino usually makes coast wetter and warmer than normal with chances for big storms (and if timing is right) snow. Usually back loaded winters with warm starts. That scary December without a day below freezing in NYC was a strong El Nino.
  5. Starting to see color on the leaves in central Westchester. Today is the first day that I really notice it in the wooded areas… The nights with low temperatures in the 50s have helped. So I don’t think the colors will be necessarily late. This is a nice September weather we’re having. Not like it is been in the 80s. (although that may come Sunday) It is shocking how warm the overnight lows have been within the city limits on top of the already warm low temps region wide.
  6. I went thru the Queens tornadoes a few years ago. Went right thru Bayside. I have never seen a T storm with the intensity of the one pushing through western Westcheter right now. The sky was lit up like noon, trees swaying, torrential rain. It lasted around 15 minutes. Glad to see it go. Frankly, it was scary
  7. 49 this morning. Coldest morning yet
  8. Sprain, Bronx River, Hutch, Saw Mill Pkwys all have sections closed for flooding. Rain has been relentless between moderate and heavy since noon.
  9. Central Ave in Westchester at 1pm. 59 degrees, heavy rain. Heat is on
  10. I understand the dynamics going on in the background....But these statements are very early on and speculative.
  11. jfklganyc

    Meteorological Fall 2018 Banter

    Wasnt this 7 day stretch supposed to be 7 AN? I like sexy, skimpy halloween costumes... but dont know if I believe the forecast yet
  12. jfklganyc

    Meteorological Fall 2018 Banter

    Correct. Sept-thru Dec seems most effected. The back-loaded winter has been effected by two record Februarys in a row. To answer your question Long Beach, there is a lot of good stuff on here. The LR speculation updated every few days isnt very accurate. More importantly, if we are looking at AN/BN months, it fails to account for extremes like last September or January (which seems to be happening with greater frequency) that start out with a record in one direction, end with a record in a different direction and on paper come out...normal. Was last winter a torch? Surely 6 weeks of above normal temps would indicate that, right? Except, it wasn't.
  13. jfklganyc

    Meteorological Fall 2018 Banter

    You guys make me laugh. Especially with that LR forecast that gets posted every day. Last year we were told in November that every month until May was a torch. I particularly liked that post. I remember it well every time I read a LR forecast post. I remembered it well as I was trying to thaw pipes on New Years Day. And I remembered in during the record warm February...and the subsequent March snows. Put the fall jackets and snow shovels away boys. It ain’t happenin...
  14. jfklganyc

    Meteorological Fall 2018 Banter

    Anyone else noticing the opposite effect of too much rain on trees? Leaves that were lush a month ago are browing. Trees that were full are thinning...I could now see the street down the hill. I believe We’ve had too much rain and not enough sun