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  1. Lots of color in westchester. I am imagining they are just at or past peak? Share pics!
  2. 42F Coldest night so far Of course weeklies long range aren’t reliable… The thing that I’m sure a lot of posters find frustrating is that many of us take the warm weeklies and hang onto them like they’re gospel, but when we see long range cold, we dismiss it as unreliable. Food for thought on an early Sunday…
  3. yeah some variation depending on location in region. I don’t see any air besides normal or above normal. Maybe slightly below monday and tues.
  4. Normal high today is 60 Give or take a degree or two depending on what part of the region you’re in Just for perspective…
  5. Who would ever make a call for November in New York City to be snowy? As someone above pointed out it’s happened a few times AND almost always leads to a nearly snowless winter to follow. As another poster mentioned, a warm Sept Oct and Nov is almost always a sign of a warm winter. In the next 3-4 weeks you will know if winter is going to arrive or if we have to hope for small-ball, pattern, one-off snow events like Feb 2014 or Feb 95
  6. Correct. The guys glossing it over by saying every winter is above normal are missing the point. using the new baseline, it still would be a warmer than normal winter. Lets see what November brings. This week is shot again. Back above normal already, 80 tomorrow, 70s through Friday. It doesn’t signal a cool down or a pattern change, but rather a transient cool shot. Let’s see how we do early next week. If late next week starts to look like 70 again, you know what we are dealing with…and it isnt good
  7. We lived on the Long Island sound since 1986… That is the only time we ever saw that
  8. I take it back! Cleared and gorgeous!
  9. This cool down is down to 3 days. That is the funny thing after all that. Tues thru Friday look down right warm
  10. Going to under perform today temp wise with these clouds. Also under performed yesterday, vs forecasts on this forum. Supposed to be widespread 80s right? Not that it really matters… it’s warm
  11. I haven’t put them away at all! New climate aint all bad
  12. Yeah that’s what I’m thinking too. We’ve seen this episode before. Warm oct-cold 6 weeks to start nov-warm up just in time for mid december.
  13. It’s interesting if this happens it would be exactly as AccuWeather or the weather channel ( i can’t remember) Predicted in the seasonal forecast…Which I usually don’t give too much credence
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