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  1. We have over 100 years worth of data points. When you get an early November snow, the season usually sucks. It doesn’t happen that often and that’s obviously a good thing!
  2. Why do we keep removing November?? It was a major storm and it happened at the beginning of the season. It usually leads to a below normal snowfall winter. It happened before and it will happen again. I just don’t understand the alternate reality where we’re getting rid of the 6 inch snowfall in November because it was in November. It is integral to the whole season and, from a historical perspective, the season has played out exactly as expected after that event. I said this the day after that storm, And then every month since. If there is any other historical ending that could happen with the early-season snowfall, it’s usually a big march snowfall. People seem shocked...not sure why.
  3. jfklganyc

    Meteorological Winter 2018 Banter

    No need for it to get political...just look at the numbers. It is what it is. Quite simple
  4. jfklganyc

    Meteorological Winter 2018 Banter

    From the Feb thread “Our climate is changing. We will see more blockbuster seasons for the next few decades before we eventually reach a critical mass and temps are too warm for snow“
  5. jfklganyc

    Meteorological Winter 2018 Banter

    Climate change aside, you are correct that there is a forum whiplash going on with a lot of emotion. This winter has disappointed many on here, And it has led to wish casting and infighting. Immature. And you are correct that all of a sudden this winter is being blamed on climate change. And as I politely point out, Our snow hole seems to be very localized. Climate change is very real but you do a disservice to that information when every local whim of weather leads to crying wolf about climate change. It is also immature.
  6. jfklganyc

    Meteorological Winter 2018 Banter

    What crushing dump? It is supposed to be 55 in Washington on Thursday. 68 on Sunday. Let’s not get crazy here. What is it going to stay on the ground for a few hours?
  7. This isnt talked about enough! I have had more days of snow cover this winter than 15-16. Too many guys get distracted by total amounts. If you like cold weather this winter was actually better than the last two. Just never worked out for snow.
  8. A lot of people N S and W of us are having a decent season. Cant win them all...
  9. Man was that a bust in every way possible! 33F. Rain. Never went below freezing never switched over from rain!
  10. 34 and rain in Westchester. Dont know what that means for city and Long Island...but cant be good
  11. Well it looks like Thurs-Mon all feature AN temps, no? That gives us 2 days to look for a February event...and we are into March. End of February comes up real quick. If we salvage something tonight, we had 3 solid days of snow cover from last storm and will have 3 days of solid cover before that 50 on Thursday with this storm. I guess I will take it in a snowless winter
  12. Wednesday looks to kick off the beginning of a warm pattern that will last for a while. That should stick a fork in February. At least Tonight looks promising.
  13. Where? In the Northern Bronx? I showed a pic 7 hours after the storm ended in queens. You see snow there? Or a puddle from melting? The storm was not a nothing burger… It made travel treacherous for most of the day. The storm also had a bad set up and was not a snowstorm for New York as the poster you derided before and after the storm stated. 1 inch was recorded. I am not getting into the posters past, I’m just saying he earns some credibility with this last storm. That’s why most of us are on here, not to fight with other posters, But to have a credible discussion about weather happening or possibly happening. I Don’t want to see anybody that has good insight get derided.
  14. The city recorded 1 inch of snow and sleet. Let’s get real.
  15. No offense man, now you are trolling. Whatever his past, he was fundamentally correct when he said it was a bad setup that wouldnt lead to much for NYC or Long Island. 1 hour of snow and sleet that added up to an inch before rain washed it away. I drove to JFK the next day at noon...a spec of snow or a puddle from melting were impossible to find. See below photo. Meanwhile, several posters deriding him on this site held tight with 3-6/2-4/1-3 wish casts. He was correct...or closer to correct. Ill step off my soapbox now...sometimes what is right needs to be called out. Frankly, he earned a stripe with the last storm in my book