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  1. 929 , 158 is my “ PREDICTION “
  2. My Final prediction is 928/162 on landfall
  3. That would be the icing on the cake for 2020 for sure !!!
  4. The Hurricane Models HWR has a 940 Monster slamming into the Panhandle Mississippi/ Alabama on the 26th ......
  5. The worst part of this storm . Is going to be everyone who wasn’t prepared because no media coverage. Then tomorrow 2 hours before it hits everyone is running wild for supples
  6. The Ukie hits NYC hard with wind . Inland west of the storm gets slammed in rain .
  7. That’s with the current track . If this happened to get stronger ( with everything it went through ) I can see it happening . Can we see hurricane gusts here in the tri State area ? I believe we are also in MOON tide , any significant coastal flooding you think .
  8. What are we looking at worst case scenario if it stays East for NYC area .
  9. Let’s say it’s somewhere between the Euro and the Ukie . What are we looking at for the Tri State area , flooding , winds beach erosion ? Are we looking at big storm surge
  10. Given the current track . How is it looking for NYC . Are we talking flooding or just some wind and heavy rain . With LI getting all the flooding ?
  11. Why would this be the worst possible track and not one slamming into the Jersey sure say ?