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  1. The air has that feel today- 89/80/106 at KDEC. Juiced to the max, garage concrete is sweating. Yet to be seen what that translates into.
  2. 4 deg this morning according to my PWS. Amazing what snow cover will do, even in March. Quite chilly considering it was 70 deg with tornado warned storms a week ago today.
  3. Noooooooooo!!!!!!! All of my snow is toast if this happens. I'm loving the deep winter feel up here right now and I'd hate to lose it (which seems like a lock at this point). I need a 300 mile south shift.
  4. I have to post this just for posterity. I realize it won't get that cold, but -34 for east-central IA would be an all-time record. At any rate, it looks pretty cold for the western part of the subforum in the extended.
  5. 92/83/116 at KCID. I believe this to be 1 deg short of the record dewpoint of 84 in 1995. Tropical.
  6. Holy moly it is humid around here. Dewpoint hovering around 79 all night at KCID. The garage floor is sweating. Oh, and, I'm a long-time lurker and finally joined. You guys are great!
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