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  1. I enjoy your analysis. I live in Thurmont and have had basically no snow what so ever, approx. 12" which includes the Nov. snow of 8".
  2. That last picture is in Thurmont at 8:00 this morning
  3. just a little south, takes it right off of Hatteras
  4. 36.8 here in Thurmont, it has dropped from a high of 38
  5. MDecoy, you should change your name to Eyore, as you're never satisfied. In Eyore voice "Oh well it's going to snow but not enough" "18Z showing snow but it won't happen" Geesh cheer up, enjoy life, if we miss this year, we start working on the next year. It can be fun, if you open up and let it be fun.
  6. I just back in from feeding the animals. I measured 3/8" off of two different tree limbs. Wires are hanging too low for comfort. I'm really worried about the wind tonight.
  7. I live in Thurmont. Our high for today was 33, for roughly 2 hours. It's 31 now power lines are down everywhere. It's going to be awful when the wind picks up tonight 15 mph winds gusting to 30, trees and power lines will be no match.
  8. In Thurmont it's 33 dew point 21. Sunday we did alright, 3" of snow and a lot of ice.
  9. Light to moderate snow in Thurmont, 1/2" as of 10:30
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