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  1. White yard now just south of Raleigh in Fuquay Varina. Loving it!
  2. All snow now just south of Raleigh in Fuquay Varina. Getting early signs of sticking on the deck.
  3. Sleet mix just south of Raleigh in Fuquay Varina.
  4. The changeover in Wake County was typical. My father in the northern "hook" of the county got around 10", me where Holly Springs and Fuquay meet along 55 got maybe 3-4". Beautiful storm though, especially this early in the season. Hope we get hammered all winter. Congrats to all those jackpots out there, loving the pictures!
  5. Sleet and snow mix with a good rate in SW Wake.
  6. ~3.25" in Holly Springs close to Harris Lake.
  7. ~2.5" in Holly Springs (SW Wake) measured on the roof of my wife's car and coming down pretty steady with large flakes. If we can pull 4-5" I will be thrilled!
  8. Getting road and driveway coverage in Holly Springs, coming down pretty heavy.
  9. Steady, moderate snow for the last 15 mins in Holly Springs (SW Wake). Trying to stick, beautiful sight!
  10. Measureable snow in SW Wake County for the 1st time in a few years, about to drive around in the Jeep with a warm cup of coffee....wish it was a blizzard but thankful for at least a white ground. Congrats to those that hit big!
  11. 95% rain in SW Wake County (Holly Springs). Come on lower temps!
  12. Maybe I should go hang out at my fathers for this one. I am in Southwest Wake (Holly Springs) and he is in Northwest Wake (In the hook), looks to be quite the difference lol.