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  1. Just now, dWave said:

    Storm surge watch extend from LI and Southern Westchester into Bronx and Queens.

    Odds 5 boro bike tour gets canceled...

    They never do for rain even torrential but never had to deal with tropical systems since its usually in May.

    I did the tour in '09 during a nasty coastal storm.  It wasn't fun.  I vowed to never do it again in the rain after that.  

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  2. Jul 14 - Jul 21 , 2013 saw 7 days of mid 90s - low 100s in the area.  That expansion saw the ridge push to 600DCM into the area.
    I remember roasting at the all star game festivities at Citi Field
  3. I think 70 ocean temp is a stretch for early June. Wanna be done with any 50s by now, but 60s slowly climbing toward 70 is ok, with 70s thru July to the Aug peaks.
    Raritan Bay was up to 65 degrees on Saturday.
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  4. Looks more like 8:00 than 4:00 in Manhattan right now.
    The street lights came on my route due to the darkness. I delivered my last house and made it safely into my truck before the skies opened. We got a precip lull here but still plenty of thunder and lightning
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