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  1. The story of Cyclone Freddy in the Indian Ocean has been impressive.  We are entering Week 5 of this record breaking storm.  Formed Feb 6 off the coast of Indonesia, crossed the entire Indian Ocean, hit Madagascar and then Mozambique, then moved back over the water between Madagascar and Mozambique and going to hit Mozambique a second time this weekend.



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  2. 1 hour ago, SnoSki14 said:

    We should see more muted drops here but could definitely see a 15-20F drop over 20-30 minutes. 

    As someone who will be outside a bulk of the time from 6 AM til about 5 PM, I know that I'll be dressing in layers and sweating my ass off in the morning and then freezing my ass off in the evening.  

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  3. EPS looks amazing with a strong WB -NAO as well as a nice -EPO that’ll provide the cold air and strong NS shortwaves
    we’re going to have to be patient. not much has really changed, as most of the larger chances still likely come after the 15th. not to say that the 12th or so is shot, it’s just gravy compared to the latter half of the month
    the blocking is happening, by the way. there’s way too much hemispheric support for it to fail at this point… it’s a common progression from Scandinavia that is also known to start with SE ridging! that’s how these regimes start. just have to let it play out

    Probably setting up for a big storm around the 17th followed by the Christmas week torch that cancels any chance of a White Christmas, just like it happened in 2020
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  4. I’ll take 50 and sunny the next 3 weeks while I deliver all your Christmas presents. I’m fine with mood flakes and an inch or two of snow after the 15th when all the cyber Monday stuff has long since been delivered. Let it rip and dump Boxing Day and beyond.

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