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  1. There is a very pronounced, very dark wall of clouds that is moving in rapidly overhead here now. My temp dropped from a high of 40 down to 36, now at 37 under the edge of the cloud deck.
  2. GFS was actually too dry back on 2/14/13. But yeah...the Euro is usually the drier model.
  3. I think some confusion is that some of Lancaster's data comes from the airport, but I believe our "official" stats are kept at MU? Or am I wrong on that?
  4. 7 of the top 8 storms since my senior year in high school. Weather, at all levels, seems to becoming more and more extreme these days. Some of it is hype, but there is a lot of ground truth, too.
  5. Guys, go read Mt. Holly's updated AFD. I know it's for just east of most of us...but I got goosebumps reading it. Edit: It's actually in their WSW headline. My apologies.
  6. I've also thought this about mixing - I do NOT want to hear those dreaded pingers...hate the sound and the increased visibility is demoralizing. One good thing about sleet - 12" of snow with a couple of hours of sleet in the "mix" (pun intended) will enhance my snowpack's ability to withstand the March sun better than 18" of pure snow. So...there's that...
  7. One thing I've been watching is how far southwest of us good snows extend. I think it was the 0z NAM that the 6" line was all the way up into southern York and Lancaster counties. That has moved back farther southwest into MD, which is a good trend as well.
  8. And it's always nice when the numbers are increasing in the final hours leading into the storm...
  9. They are, and while they are not on last year's levels, the precip max shield aligns real close to last year's blizzard with a Blue Mountain jackpot.
  10. That's what I was saying! And he's the one I was referring to!
  11. Good news. We're walking a tightrope...those of us in the southeast want an eastward jog today, but then that comes at the expense of those further west.
  12. I've also heard some really good mets say that in wound up storms, the mix line almost always extends further back west than any model projects. Any truth to that? I'm in northwestern Lanco, and I fully expect to taint. What will be especially painful is that for every hour of taint, I probably lose 2" of snow falling plus compaction from the non-snow precip fallling.
  13. I'm off to a meeting. Most likely the only 90 minutes here at work today I won't be on here. Someone who posts regularly on here is getting 2' of snow...who will it be?
  14. Look how close the mix line gets...Lancaster county might have its own battleground for a while.
  15. Provide us with some details when you have them, Brian...
  16. Keep up the dirty talk and bring this baby home.
  17. There's no bigger O's fan than me, and I can freely agree with you on that one. Following along in the mid atlantic forum, sounds like a phase-er-oobee might be happening with the NAM.
  18. Swedish fish trumps all... Sounds like the NAM might be coming in amped up bigger than Brady Anderson.
  19. I stopped at Turkey Hill for a slushy. The original and still the best. Another nugget from years of watching the big dogs unfold. There will be surprises, both good and unfortunately, bad. Someone currently not pegged to be jackpotted will end up getting just that. Someone else might get less. Use models for clues but not absolutes. Be ready for anything, and be ready for an even better night tomorrow than tonight.
  20. Reading your posts today, the wrong person clearly wrote that. You have been on point and hilarious!
  21. I'm going to bed early tonight. Well, maybe after the GFS. Wait...that's at midnight now. That won't work. I want to get a good night of sleep tonight because I'm hoping tomorrow night is special...
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