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  1. Yes. The bend back supposed to start later. Magic number is 34.0°N now...also could be everything determining an actual landfall versus a skirt on SE NC
  2. From 11am to 2pm. Florence moved .2°N to .5°W and looks like she continues to slow down and bend left. NHC official plot line is 34°N INLAND... Florence may not even make it to 34°N now... all the guidance to some degree show a WSW component. Very critical downstream on effects in SC.
  3. Yes, the simulated IR Satellite has a large cluster/blob of rather disorganized convection due to shear
  4. Yes that would an understatement. This was unfortunately the exact solution I was worried about early this morning considering the disturbing trends that have developed since last night's 00z run whichI assume had more upper air soundings and data.
  5. Last pass of RECON found 143kt winds on the S Eyewall per dropsonde.
  6. Yes. Latest WV to my eyes seems to have ridging trying to build NW of Bermuda as opposed to N
  7. Florence has been moving practically due west the last 6 hours...straddling 25.0°N. For those wondering about how unusual this scenario is with Florence, interesting graphics were produced several days ago... On Sept 5...only a few impacted the US where Florence was on this date. A few days later, a new graphic from I believe Weather Underground showed since 1851, 67 storms passing within 200 miles of Florence... ZERO made a US impact... Florence likely will be rewriting the rulebook.
  8. That low level convective ring shows the inner core is still quite fact, according to NHC ... a harbinger of things to come. RI is actually now expected to start sooner by later tonight, in fact.
  9. The GFS has had a dual jet structure appear 6 runs in a row at some point and doesn't respond whatsoever. Again and again and again, the GFS, provided everything else is correct, will join the party as the party is just about to start or is already underway.
  10. Alright here is the 12/27/17 GDPS for 240hrs ending 01/06/18 at 12z. Let's compare progged vs actual. KCHS progged 16° ... actual 23°... Ironically, GDPS had snow cover at KCHS at this time frame and deeper further inland... so how did the GDPS compare to your nearest location?
  11. Snow is slowly eroding, but the roads are slightly better. Many roads that are more sheltered still are iced up. Charleston has not had a high over 38 this year at this point... coldest 5 day stretch in KCHS history. 16° officially. 14° here this morning, 12° on the 4th here. Work at 9am in the morning will be an adventure, especially on the 1st main road as parts of it are sheltered from sunlight most of the day.
  12. I put together a little montage of satellite plus some of my personal pictures together and some historical numbers together in a short video.
  13. The last of my video blocks for the epic snowstorm around the Charleston SC region. 7" tally here. KCHS officially 5.3" (daily record smashed...previous was a trace in 2002). I believe January all time 24 hour record, and broke the previous monthly total of 1.9" record along with being the 3rd greatest daily snowfall record of all time, only behind Dec 23th, 1989 (6.0") and Feb 10th, 1973 (5.4").
  14. Officially 5" at KCHS. It is a record for Charleston for January though..daily, and monthly!
  15. Definitely an epic storm for this area! Best since 1989 and surpassed 2010! Snow has tapered off to very light now but I have a tally of 7" for this storm