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  1. Per Fishel the rain/snow was moving nw tonight and will move se in the morning. I have been all rain so far but would like to see a flake fall.
  2. IF we do get some flakes , how much will actually show? Ground is awfully warm. I would rather see a good potential a week out after some cooler temps. That said I hope someone gets something out of this other than some much needed rain.
  3. Hi all, I can see the changes as far as temperature is concerned, but what is going to be different in regards to precipitation? We have been locked in to dry weather for about 6 months it seems. Not doubting , just trying to learn! Thanks
  4. I understand that and not trying to troll but a lot don't. I had family visit the site and felt all was OK based off of posts. Hopefully an OTS option is still viable. I understand the discussion based off of model runs but just wanted to throw out that not everyone does and some come here and read posts and take it for gospel! Not trying to say that disclaimers should be thrown out, maybe based off current modeling or synopsis. A lot of people visit boards when threats present themselves and take everything seriously. Whether they are trying to learn or are just concerned! Hope everyone stays safe and Irma fan tails you all on her way ots!
  5. Every thing I read here said its FL to the Gulf and were only a week out!
  6. Glad I'm out of the woods here in NC, don't wish this storm on anyone because it's nothing but death and destruction! Prayers for FL or wherever south and west! After living through Fran ,Dennis, Floyd and most recently Matthew I'm breathing a sigh of relief. Just let my family and friends know all would be well!
  7. In regards to size of storm, not strength , pressure or winds. How big is this looking to be at closest approach or LF. From my untrained naked eye based off models it seems to encompass SC,NC and VA in regards to imagery and not location.
  8. You sir may be correct! I hope not though. I love these systems as much as the most but none of us need /want/desire this now. I am hoping it goes back to Sea and will wait to day 2 before I assume anything
  9. It's 9-12 days out. Good luck to all making landfall predictions. Hopefully it will be a recurve!
  10. Always wanted to get down to S.C. and fish some waters other than Santee. Wateree always has interested me. I get you on the power plant lake, I fished Sutton lake a lot and it was great before they switched from coal to lp.
  11. At the rate these temps are hanging the bass spawn could peak late March would put it about a month early.
  12. How long will the sw flow last?
  13. 37 and rain here on the Harnett, Cumberland county line. Hoping for a dusting at this point!
  14. My apologies to you. I guess I did misinterpret what you we're trying to say!
  15. Just because I don't pad my post count with fluff because I prefer to sit back and read and observe I guess that makes an observation null. Sorry to be on your board .