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  1. Tennessee faired better in the tourney than i thought given that Purdue was probably playing as good or better basketball than anyone in tourney. I feel that had purdue been in an opposing bracket it would be UVA/Purdue eventually.
  2. Tennessee reminds me of a 3 or 4 ncaa seed quality team that has over achieved for a chance of a 1-2 seed. The guard play looks solid but not elite, and the two bigs don't overwhelm you with talent, but instead out muscle and out grind you over the course of a game. 3 ball doesn't seem elite to me. Great defense and sound rebounding. Overall I'd be shocked to see them in the elite 8 in a few weeks but I guess we will find out.
  3. As john said, its amazing the last couple winters we have been basically punting january's. Aside from the early December event, weve had 1 or 2 thread worthy events, including tommorrows 1-3 inch potential. Alot of busted forecasts this year
  4. Feel like ive seen this movie before with this setup. Soon we hug the out of range nam until it dries up in range ....
  5. Trying to recall the last high ratio snow event that scored over 4 inches at tri. I know there must been a few good ones but i am drawing blanks. Along those lines, have we ever recorded a foot or more with high ratios?
  6. What do the temps looks like behind it?
  7. Where might one get there hands on a kuchera map
  8. Good lord, tonights runs are a thing of beauty
  9. Frigid behind it, from 120-156, a good chunk of east tn hovers from negative to single digits, colder in swva. Wow
  10. Meh looking 18z gfs, maybe east tn squeezed out an inch in 384 hrs. Rest of the state nothing
  11. Fv3 with a great snow run for east tn, at 200 hrs or so the temps go deep negative. How we get the snow is a little funky looking to my eyes (small amounts of moisture keep rotating through)
  12. I hope its got the extra special sauce...the 0z gfs just cut totals to a non-event
  13. The fv3 was so awesome on the december storm that i remember thinking wow this is great. Anecdotally speaking, seems to be erratic since then.
  14. 0z Cmc a return to the freakish cold and snow pattern through 240.
  15. Fv3 continues to show johns glacier (mid tn to plateau into ky. Its been pretty consistent over the last few runs it seems. Would be beyond epic for you guys
  16. Selfishly, i would love a blend of the cmc and gfs storm track (tri) for the next system
  17. Oh canada! Out through 240, canadian is a thing of beauty statewide. Canadian is what i thought the 0z would look more like....that is, a continuation of the great earlier runs from with wall to wall events
  18. Fascinating midday runs, esp the 2nd storm for middle tennessee. Looks like the fv3 wants the track further west than gfs and last nights euro, which hurts east tn but helps middle tn.
  19. Looking pretty paltry on 12z suites ...
  20. Sorry, my snow output didnt show that, wow that is a healthy map for all
  21. Looked like happy hour to our north and south, but plenty to track
  22. I can't remember the last time vodka cold produced more than 1-2 inches from clippers etc. It is pretty awesome how snow can hang around after that kind of cold but I'd rather see just slightly below normal for what is basically the coldest time of the year anyway
  23. 12z gfs is oh so close a nice track for tn i40 north, swva. 100 more miles south pleasee
  24. Death, taxes, and someone claiming there favorite imby e__