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  1. i'd be happy to lock in 18-24...what's the start time looking like?
  2. mostly because the parallel was a whiff altogether
  3. Yeah, I'm not gonna get on my knees and gravel to Ravens...just chalk it up to folks bring glad to see snow...in any event, you guys get a blank slate for Friday's storm... Good luck
  4. it would be gneiss to get even a few flakes...of quartz,if we get more, I shale never doubt ravens again...
  5. I was in school at Delaware...not much better than a blizzard in a college town...all your friends are around, bars are within walking distance...I can remember sticking a bunch of cases of beer in a snow bank and playing an enormous game of capture the flag with what seemed like my entire apartment complex...ivy hall Good lord I'm old
  6. well I bumped it for a reason...notice that after we hashed that out a year ago we seemed to be pretty content with the philly forum as it is...obviously we would love more posts but the idea of merging with ny has been pretty much nixed every time it's been brought up...
  7. really? Who from our forum has complained about a lack of posts?
  8. oh yeah we took up a collection a while back and paid him to leave town...thought he'd a headed north...sorry about that...
  9. hey rjay...I think I'm right here...we went through this a couple of times last year...it's real quiet in here now because we are sitting at +14 or whatever...when there is actually something to talk about it's better...still not very high volume, but the threads are pretty informative and easy to navigate and relatively drama-free...merging with NY just seems like a bad idea...I mean, have you been in there?
  10. i get it now...just read the ny version of this thread...mods are pissed at the quality of the ny forum and are hoping that adding us reasonable philly folk will improve things...in other words, it has nothing to do with improving the Philly forum, and everything to do with trying to drown out the yanksfans of the world...that tells me everything I need to know...I hope people vote, or change their votes, accordingly...
  11. why are ny people so invested in merging with philly? It would be like cats and dogs living together...mass hysteria, pretty much...what I'm saying is we're good...
  12. this one in particular got a solid lol...sunuvabitch
  13. oh wow missed this whole thing...quality stuff in here...
  14. The unicorn's dead Slopeheads and fooking morons Win another round
  15. If you're not from here Better not post here, unless You're below climo
  16. Blizzards kill thousands It's ok to root for them 'cuz no bendy palms
  17. ravens rule loves snow Wish he wouldn't litter threads With mostly d!ck jokes
  18. Snow falls, 8 straight hours 1 inch sticks, melts directly g. d. sun angle
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