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  1. Light flurry activity here in the mechanicsburg area just north of turnpike. Just saw they dropped the warning down to an advisory. Nothing like that sunk feeling in stomach seeing that. :/
  2. 11.5" here in Mechanicsburg, has picked up in the last hour and its coming down nicely. Has been all snow so far.
  3. Flurries starting in Mechanicsburg, near Rossmoyne exit. Here we go...
  4. Just got back in from running the blower, need rest lol. Coming down hard again. Found a spot to measure, 25" now across from cedar cliff high in camp hill. Hope everyone is staying safe.
  5. Winds starting to whip around pretty good. Getting snow blown around....annnd of my measurement table. Keep it comin!!!
  6. I was wondering the same thing. Although I've been fooled before because of humidity and evaporation. In Camp Hill we are at around 54% or so humidity so if that moisture gets to us sooner than later should we see some light snow falling early? Or is that still too dry? I guess it also depends on how much moisture gets to us early. Any tips on what to look at to determine this?
  7. Lol that was funny. This is my first post but i've followed along for quite some time. You guys are great in here.