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  1. Looks like we're just about finishing up with frozen precip here. But if you go east up 81 or 78 you'll run into a zr/snow mess. Roads look to be horrible up there for the next 3 or 4 hours at least.
  2. Snow is picking up. Finally starting to stick to the roads here. Storm looks huge on the radar.
  3. Yeah I saw his post on the last page and the avatar. Glad I'm not the only commercial driver here who still enjoys a big snowstorm once in awhile. Granted we don't get stuck driving in it.
  4. Looks like an inch or two here in Carlisle. Back roads are a mess. Ready for round 2... Please no freezing rain. I would love some snow but since I started driving tractor trailers locally in the northeast my love for snow has diminished by alot. Maybe we'll get a CMV interstate ban again.
  5. Really glad PA banned CMV from the interstates tonight or I would be out there in a big rig in this mess. Instead I get to enjoy watching the snow fall from my front porch.
  6. Thanks just moved up here to the city area recently from Central MD. Being up further north is finally paying off today.
  7. Moderate snow here in Carlisle. Looks like an inch or two has accumulated on the road. Worried about the flash freeze tomorrow as I have to go work around noon.