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  1. 54 minutes ago, #NoPoles said:

    Mid 30s and rain right now. I don't want ice. It is very windy. I wouldn't enjoy losing power.

    Where are you? Just got back from Bethlehem it was 35 there, but 29 here at the house and slick af

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  2. 21 hours ago, wxeyeNH said:

    The front came through here with a short lived snow squall.  About 1/2".  This puts me at 95" on the season.  Alex, are you keeping snowfall records?  I see that on the snowfall thread that Phin and J Spin have just under 150".  It looks like we are not over just yet.  Unbelievable that I have not hit 50F yet this year.

    I am but on a Google sheet (easier to access) and not as religiously as I used to. It’s annoying to keep track of all the little 1-in her we get. Also lost a couple of weeks of data in the middle but it was a very bleak period anyways. I’ll tally it up soon. 

    All in all, the second half was great and the ski season was after all better than the last few if I remember correctly. The spring skiing has been great and the resort is closing next weekend with 100% top to bottom coverage (and deep) and glade skiing still available. Doesn’t happen that way all the time. 

    of course I have some concerns about the melting… there’s a lot of snow out there still. 17” at the stake in my yard. Hopefully it will happen slowly!

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  3. 1 hour ago, wxeyeNH said:

    Wow,  you got 5"?   We had a dusting this morning and virga all day.  Time for the melt to begin

    Yes I was a bit surprised. 4” overnight last night ( resort says 5 but I measured 4) then another inch or two with the squalls in the afternoon. This morning was funny because it was clear when I went to bed and clear when I woke up, but everything was covered in fresh snow. Upslope is usually not like that here (longer duration but less intense)

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  4. 3” from the first round of upslope, 21” at the stake. Snowing again now. Big difference in snow depth at the ski area, the top half is buried. Conditions are amazing.  Took this on monday 


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