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  1. 4 hours ago, mreaves said:

    Lead as in fishing sinkers or lead as in pellets from a shotgun shell?  Either way, it's a shame.  I haven't seen a moose in quite a while.  Maybe my favorite North Woods animal.

    I’m actually partial to the bears. Had a cub cross the road in front of me a few days ago very close to where I saw the moose today (ie right outside my driveway). Their cute factor is way higher and they’re really fun to watch. I love seeing them. But Moose are cool too! 

  2. Just now, powderfreak said:

    That's such an awesome scene.  Evergreens caked in white is the most winter-looking vegetation out there.

    Agree. I know it sounds crazy but the vegetation was one thing that always attracted me to Bretton Woods. The red spruces and balsams are awesome trees

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