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  1. On 1/28/2024 at 5:37 PM, bwt3650 said:

    Gfs has been hammering days of upslope starting late week into next weekend for several runs now. Nice signal and position.



    Hehe just reading this now. This shows exactly why I'm so cynical when it comes to the accuracy of any forecast

  2. 1 hour ago, AstronomyEnjoyer said:

    Was out and about doing more "auditing" as it were. Ran into some issues this time that prevented me from getting a good reading in the area. Either the Ammonoosuc River very recently flooded, or the tee boxes at the Mount Washington Resort golf course are routinely cleared of snow. I thought I might be hitting an icy layer, but it turns out I might owe a golf superintendent somewhere an apology instead. At least it would explain my confusion as to why Bretton Woods only had a 4" layer of powder on the ground.


    Lol that's the worst possible area to measure snow. The golf course is very windswept, I've seen grass poke through after a 15" storm. 

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  3. 13 minutes ago, powderfreak said:

    Serious snowmobile accident this evening in Stowe resulted DHART flying in.  Think it was in the Moscow area of Stowe.

    ”There’s not much good that can be said of a high speed snowmobile accident. The only redeeming factor in tonight’s incident is that it took place about 100ft from a helicopter landing zone. Stowe EMS did a fabulous job as first response and Dhart arrived very quickly. Thanks also to Snowmobile Vermont for quickly shuttling responders to the scene.  Speed can sometimes be a good thing.”



    Sad. We had an helicopter land right in front of our parking lot at the office and we were wondering if it was someone famous or what else it could be… and then it turned out it was a search and rescue for a hiker who turned up dead. Awful

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  4. 10 minutes ago, mreaves said:

    It snowed all day here, with a high of 7°. Maybe an inch of accumulation?

    Yeah about the same here. Very fluffy stuff. The conditions are incredible, they opened West Mountain today and most of the glades - I feel like it’s some of the best snow we’ve had in years. Feels like skiing on baby powder. 



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  5. 6 minutes ago, BombsAway1288 said:


    Yeah that truly looks like a fantasy. 

    You sir have an awesome house in an awesome place with an awesome job. I envy you but am happy someone here with a passion gets to live it out :thumbsup:

    Ha thanks. I have no complaints for sure. For the record that’s one of my little rental cabins. Anyone can live out the dream, at least for a few days. Although the people checking in tonight haven’t arrived yet, sloooow going

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