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  1. 1 hour ago, powderfreak said:

    Ha yeah the massif stretches into the clouds sometimes.  Big fan of microscale stuff myself.

    I think I've been in the clouds more time when I lived at 200' in the Winchester Highlands than at 1600' here lol. Topography plays a huge role. Happened all the time when I was at Linderhof - had a house perched up on the hill above Storyland on the Bartlett /Jackson line. It just doesn't happen here in this giant bowl. 

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  2. Ready, set, go…

    Just testing of course, but a sign of things to come. Saw some glimpses of snow at the higher elevations but the cloud deck is very low. Would have been a nice ipslope event with about 0.5” LE but we don’t need it yet 


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  3. On 10/17/2021 at 2:18 PM, wxeyeNH said:

    One year ago today parts of NNE had accumulating snow.  At that time I grabbed this picture from Alex's webcam.  Speaking of that,  I lost your link Alex.  Do you still have a cam up that you can share with the forum?

    As for the present, about 1" of rain from the last system.  The foliage is a bit weird.  We were at about 75% peak and then the wind stripped a lot of leaves.  So the oaks are just starting and the rest is a mix of bare, color and some green.  If not for the front we were heading for a nice peak.


    @wxeyeNH my webcam URL is in my profile, https://video.nest.com/live/vO4cJkQlWY

    Sorry, Gene, just saw that message now! :)

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  4. 42 minutes ago, powderfreak said:

    Very soggy out there.  Stratus looked around .90” so far.  Raining pretty hard.

    Hiking trails going to be all mud and leaves tomorrow.


    This stuff is moving slowly. Spent most of the afternoon/evening in St J (aka St Johnsbury, NEK, not far from my house) and it’s been raining there for several hours. Got to my house and it’s pouring now, but hasn’t been raining for very long. 0.81 for the day (but 0.57 of that was early this morning)

  5. 9 hours ago, powderfreak said:

    It’s not needed now, it has been needed the past few summers it seems more than ever though.

    Agree. And while not "needed", I ran it yesterday to dry up the house. I hate humidity and it was getting rather sticky. A few minutes and it's way more comfortable. I have central air with heat pumps, it's incredibly efficient, don't need to install/uninstall, and it works very well for heating down into the mid teens. Highly recommend no matter where you live 

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  6. 1 hour ago, Sugarloaf1989 said:

    I'm thinking about trying adaptive skiing this Winter.  Really miss being able to ski. My problem is getting off the chairlift. Suddenly I have no leg support and fall down.  Skiing the trail itself isn't a problem. 

    I’m so sorry to hear that. I hope you find a way to get out and enjoy! Would having a gondola help?

  7. 16 hours ago, powderfreak said:

    That's incredibly cool.  I've only flown in a helicopter once over Mansfield while taking photos for marketing.  It's such an awesome way to see the sights.  I hope I get another chance some day to go up in one.

    I’ve done a few times - Grand Canyon, Hawaii and now here. Always very very cool (also, I always think I will most likely die lol - they look like death traps to me. But I still love it )

  8. 2 hours ago, tamarack said:

    Thanks.  I have an A-fib issue that put me in the hospital in Jan 2018 and it's returning.  The real fun Monday morning is when my pulse dropped to 25 and things began to happen fast.  Ended up losing the 2 BP meds that slowed the heartbeat, and a 14-day monitoring patch that records each heartbeat then gets sent away for interpretation.  Because flipping the canoe, something I've never done accidentally, would wreck the monitor, I can't take advantage of all these bright warm low-wind days when I just know the fish will be biting.  Also indefinitely postposed our grandkid-visit trip to SNJ.

    When we had the heat pump installed last November I had to relocate my max-min as it was close to the exhaust from the new machine.  The ~10 foot move was from the NW side of the chimney to the SW side, putting the instrument about 2 feet higher in elevation and more exposed to sunlight, for which I've added some extra screening.  Winter temps seemed a degree or 2 less cold in the new location (thermometer is only 3 feet from the woodstove side of chimney though below the thimble), especially the minima, and for all seasons but winter there's sometimes a false max about 11 AM on sunny days that will be 2-3° above the true max later in the day.  We're coping and my data is unofficial anyway.  This overly long paragraph is my way to illustrate how minor differences in location can be surprisingly different in temps.

    Eek. Get better soon!

  9. Went on an helicopter tour today. So cool! Whitefield down to Cannon/Lafayette, through Franconia Notch and over Loon, then over to Bretton Woods, Mt Washington /Jefferson and back over to Whitefield. Highest elevations are starting to show brown/bare, but great foliage otherwise. Not that you could tell from my cell phone pictures lol






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