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  1. BK Rambler

    September 2018 Observations

    For ATL 21-22 was warm Dec, avg Jan, warm Feb and avg Mar; 25-26 was a bookend with cold Dec and Mar with normal Jan - Feb. Unfortunately my records database for snowfall in ATL only goes back to 1928.
  2. BK Rambler

    September 2018 Observations

    KATL closed out with the second warmest September on record with an average temp of 81 (+7.5) - only 1925 was warmer. The lowest it got this month was 69! Here in the northern suburbs the lowest it got was 65. Only 1.30" of rain too. Some other cities for Sept 2018: AVL; - warmest on record CAE - second warmest (1925) GSP - second warmest (1925) CLT - third warmest (1925, 1921) RDU - fourth warmest (1921, 1933, 2010) GSO - fourth warmest (1921, 1925, 2016)
  3. BK Rambler

    Searching for Fall

    18Z GFS keeps a huge 588+ ridge parked over us for nearly the entire run - sometimes stretches from Cabo San Lucas to Bermuda
  4. BK Rambler

    Searching for Fall

    This September would be the first. I see the weekend morning forecasts are for right at 60.
  5. BK Rambler

    Searching for Fall

    Thanks for clarifying! Just looking back at CLT's September records there are four other years earlier than 1933 where the monthly min was 60 or greater.
  6. BK Rambler

    Searching for Fall

    Latest dates for first <60 temp: ATL 10/8 (1911, 1925) only five years in total occurring in October - ATL has yet to reach 60 this year CLT 10/5 (1881) only three years total occurring in October - note CLT hit 54 on 8/24 this year so curious about Brad P's statement Greenville, SC (not GSP) 10/13 (2005) only instance in October (note GVL was 61 and GSP was 59 the morning of 8/24 this year) Raleigh (not RDU) 9/25 (1906) - note Raleigh was in the fifties 8/24 & 25 this year
  7. BK Rambler

    Hurricane Florence

    Tweet from Joe Bastardi a short while ago: "new daily update is on, not behind paywall scroll down, No change to 1 week idea up till Cape Fear but after that Have made a change to end game. Lets see if its the only one Believe the new ridge will force this southwest and euro will win" Joe Bastardi (@BigJoeBastardi) September 12, 2018
  8. BK Rambler

    Winter 2018-2019 Speculation

    Since I'm in the bullseye of BigJoe's negative temp anomaly I thought I'd take a look at some historical data for Atlanta. If this were to verify, a -6 DJF winter would tie for the 3rd coldest on record ('63, '64). Only '77 & '78 colder. We'll see. BigJoe always seems to have a cold bias in the East to his forecasts.
  9. BK Rambler

    July 2018 Observations

    Big, raucous thunderstorm just dumped 2.79" on us in 1 1/2 hrs.
  10. BK Rambler

    June 2018 Obs

    All day rain in the north metro ATL kept the high today to 75, now 67. Nice to have a cool summer day.
  11. BK Rambler

    February 2018 Obs

    Gotta report the bad records too...Second straight record warm February in Atlanta - KATL averaged 57.3° (+9.9°) eclipsing 2017 by more than a degree. My yard averaged 55.4° (+8.2° vs KPDK) but I hit 81° twice (22nd and 24th). Oddly KATL only topped out at 79° even though it's 30 miles south of me and did not hit their monthly record of 80°.
  12. BK Rambler

    February 2018 Obs

    Normally a morning low of 40° in February wouldn't merit a post but this morning's reading of 40° is the coldest since Feb 8 - 18 days.
  13. BK Rambler

    February 2018 Obs

    This morning's low was 64°
  14. BK Rambler

    Mid to Long Term Discussion 2018

    Day after day of -35°C temps in Siberia - those are some tough folks.
  15. BK Rambler

    Mid to Long Term Discussion 2018

    If January 2018 ended today this would be the fifth coldest January on record (140 years) at ATL- looks like that number is going to back off some though as we finish the month.