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  1. Topped out at 99 today - hopefully the max for the year.
  2. 14th straight day of 90+ at my house and while some other areas around town have had a good shower or two over the past two weeks I've only registered 0.19" of rain during that time. Low this morning was 75 - yech.
  3. 3.15" of rain so far today in Roswell, GA
  4. KATL finished Feb +7.6° over the 141 year historical average and the month ranks #7 warmest all time. The last three Februarys have ranked #2, #1, #7. The DJF season was +4.6°, 11th warmest. Not even a trace of snow was recorded for DJF 2018-19, only the 4th such season since 1928-29 and the first since 1949-50. At 22.20" it was the 8th wettest.
  5. Yes it's a ridiculous looking map and I too laughed at the mild and snowy spot near Kansas City but ... here are some stats so far: MSP Dec-Jan temps +2.4; Dec-Jan precip -15% (warm is a relative number in MN!) KCI Dec-Jan temps +1.3; season-to-date snowfall 17" - seasonal average is 19" with Feb, March and even April to go for them
  6. Maybe because there was such a consensus for a cold and stormy winter in the South and East from so many that we respect and we got teased by the cold November and the early December big dog in NC. A lot of people scoff at the Old Farmers Almanac but they've done better than most for this season - no disrespect to the bustees - it's definitely an art more than a science still.
  7. Topped out at 80° today - not only shattering the daily record of 72° at KATL but also now the new earliest 80° recorded.
  8. Finally dipped into the teens - low of 19° this morning. Might be the bottom for this so far lousy season.
  9. Still 52° here in north Atlanta suburbia - gonna need a big crash in temps between now and the morning.
  10. For ATL area the 06Z NAM as well as the 3k NAM were bone dry for snow accumulations, the latest 12Z runs show some accumulation with the NAM a lot more aggressive (1-2" in metro) than the 3k (+ 1/2"). Kuchera ratios on all models are lower than 10:1 and must be considering a good bit of rain mix.
  11. Bright clear skies and 27° - perfect viewing conditions for the lunar eclipse.
  12. Today is the first below average day since 12/24/18 - 16 days - averaged +10° during that time - ugh.
  13. Finished 2018 with 65.76" total precip. 13.74" fell in December!
  14. Mine: Highest Temp: 96 (6/15/, 7/11, 9/14) Lowest Temp: 12 (1/2) Highest Dew Point: 82 (7/11) Lowest Dew Point: -3 (1/6) Rainfall: 65.76" Snowfall: 1.3" (1/16 - 17)
  15. Woke us up - whole house was rattling - and we're in the north suburbs of Atlanta.