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  1. I posted something to that effect also...but not a lot of interest. So it's back to wading through a whole lot of CT and MA posts to glean some kind of idea of what's up. I also check out the Single Chair Report thanks to a nice person here who pointed out that resource. Anyway...lots of snow up here, lots of skiing. So it's a GREAT end to a so-so season. I'll take it! And if anyone ever starts a post on Central/NNE Model Mayhem...sign me up
  2. Gore is really nice...I like the glades there. I am sure it was amazing!
  3. You will do great at Pico...the snow blows into the woods and there will be plenty of fresh still there. The trees are far from done at Killington/Pico. Very deep in there! all the snow is blowing off slopes and into the trees and there's a lot!
  4. Hi, Pico will be like Killington...and I can tell you that will be splendid. Okemo looks to have a little less but still utterly blanketed. Things will still be epic for the weekend. Look at the temps,and potentially a little more snow may fall. It's a win-win for you
  5. No, went to Kmart because I have a pass there (I'm cheap). But honestly LOVE Magic and if I could afford a pass there I would buy one and split my skiing between the 2. Magic should do very very well from this. But from what I hear-and what I saw- K is in the jackpot zone. Tomorrow will be GOOD
  6. Skied and then drove home in that. Crazy-tough to see at all. Also hard to breathe when skiing it.
  7. Was out at Killington skiing today and it went nuclear at about 11am. We skiied until about 2:30 then started white-out conditions and already probably 8-10" down. A few cars in ditches/definitely difficult driving conditions due to the winds/whiteouts. A number of cars in the Killington parking lot were having difficulty getting out The last few runs you could really experience the lightness of this snow and how deep some the drifts were. Tomorrow should be amazing!
  8. It is SO refreshing to click on NNE Winter thread and see many posts about SNOW!!!!
  9. No I LOVE Magic <3 I highly recommend anyone who has not skied there in the past 2 years to go. New management is awesome, the mountain's vibe just can't be beat!
  10. For those who ski...NWS just changed over in Vermont to a warning and Okemo area where I live just upgraded 12-18. Killington where I ski is talking 16-26. YES PLEASE!!
  11. Awful day to have to fight a fire w/ the sub zero windchill...hope everyone is all right
  12. Whoops, never mind. I mean, relaxing by the fire w/ a book and a drink are still awesome but the outlook for Tues-Fri not so much.
  13. The long term Tues-Fri still sounds optimistic from them as of 2:38 pm today: As for this cold, brutally cold days have an upside even for skiers. It's a great day to relax by the fire with a good book and drink of choice. Nothin' wrong with that! Especially if it's Saturday
  14. When I said optimistic --I meant that the Single Chair Report mentioned there would be a significant snow event. Hope that helps clarify!
  15. Hi all, Just wondering if anyone has any thoughts or insights regarding Monday - Wed upcoming? SingleChair report guy seems to be fairly optimistic. I know it is a way off, but anyone here see information worth sharing in your models/research? Thank you