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  1. That dark blue dot in south west Morris County on the 48hr 12z is right over my house. Not that it will happen, but it would be nice to be leading the state in snow fall from a storm.
  2. Just had a white rain/sleet squall. Lasted 5 minutes.
  3. My bee hives need warmth, and that run of the 12z GFS delays the warmth until the start of May...
  4. Agreed weather medic. There could have been some pretty significant issues had the bulk of the trees been leafed out.
  5. Sky just exploded with lighting. Some of the loudest thunder in quite a while out here in western Morris county.
  6. Nice storm from Chester to Montville. Few flashes, some low rumbles. Quick shot of rain and no wind
  7. Right, so according to the graph the average splits are -9/-21. The anomalie maps are +3-4 from that baseline.
  8. Just for clarity, the anomalie map is showing +3-4 north of Barrow, AK; the average temp in Februay north of Barrow is -10 correct?
  9. Morning Gents, I live in Northern NJ, but am curious about the Charlottesville, VA area. Any thoughts on taking a weekend trip there with the wife? Good times to go, places to stay/eat, etc. I appreciate your advice in advance.
  10. Toaster bath watch? I would wait until 0z tonight before declaring it dead. Sure is quiet in here though.
  11. Pretty impressive clusters near the bench mark for 5+ days out....
  12. It seems my old wooly caterpillar observations held true. They were bookend by large sections of brown, with a smaller area of black in the center this past fall (facetious, of course). Spring is here; bee hives need tending.
  13. As I was born in 1983 and grew up watching the Devils, I respectfully disagree with your analysis. There is something special about the obtaining the most career wins and most career shutouts. Just as offensive hockey is brilliant, stellar goaltending and defense is equally entertaining. I fully understand I'm in the minority here.
  14. Interesting read on USA Today; found it on Drudge. Discusses NOAA spending $44.5 million to upgrade forecasting equipment after getting embarrassed by the Euro during Sandy. Maybe the GFS will increase it's accuracy?
  15. Great storm; I rated it as a 4. Side note, there will always be something special about Jan 96. I was 13, watching Al Roker on NBC news increasing his storm totals with each passing hour. All the while I was telling my dad, I don't think I will be going to school tomorrow, to which he replied "They are only saying 6-8", nothing crazy". He ended up plowing for 2 days straight, in a front end loader. Maybe it's because events don't scale properly in memory, but Jan 96 is the ultimate in my opinion. It is the event which got me into being a weather junky.
  16. Shoveled 4 more of the back steps at 6:15. Puts me at 28". Under 20dbz now. 30 is within my grasp!
  17. I measured 24" @ 4:00 in Chester, NJ. The insane rate has slowed but still heavy. Anything from here is gravy.
  18. Superstorm93 fantastic work by the way. The information you have been posting is stellar. Cheers to everyone on this board. Epic storm.
  19. Is the Rap showing 12-18 additional? I was planning on shoveling the driveway. Looks like I'm calling a front end loader.
  20. Just an awesome thing to experience. I have no idea how much I've got. Right down the road from Mikeysed. Whiteout conditions. 35dbz overhead. Bring it on.
  21. Under that band in Morris County, puking snow currently. Winds are the strongest yet.
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