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  1. There are going to be some photo ops this morning. Not a cloud in the sky.
  2. Manned up, no harm. Hope you're right...
  3. Out hunting for firewood today winter finally appeared, https://youtu.be/xvvW-MZSoho
  4. Thanks . My daughter tells me VT has been having quite a spring. A shot of Mt Pisgah she took today.
  5. I can see it from here , blew up out of nowhere. First of the year
  6. Best spring ever? I don't remember many better.
  7. A little spring cleaning at my house as well.
  8. The downside to the snow pack is the starving. Not much of a deer lover but I hate to see anything suffer. Cutting trees today they were not waiting for me to move along, they came right for the buds. The coyotes could be seen circling around the edge of the field. Cut a pile of of evergreen yesterday, picked clean overnight.
  9. They built 'em strong in the 1700's. Funny thing is no leaks! having the heat off helps.
  10. Stone walls are still no problem: Can't drive up on the roof anymore however: Photos taken today *
  11. What were the gusts today? can't seem to find them on the NWS any longer...
  12. There are two windows and a door below the drift. Or at least there were
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