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  1. The radar is a beautiful stream of moisture from the gulf. Good luck everyone!
  2. nasty outside, moderate mix of sleet and freezing rain sitting at 23. tree's starting to ice up.
  3. Just to let you know, down here at the border... started off freezing rain, now flipped to sleet as the heavier stuff moved in... messy
  4. Also flipping to sleet here, and coming down pretty good. Still 22 degrees.
  5. You are not joking... I’ve been in winter storm warning since 7 am and have a whopping half inch of snow with brightening skies.
  6. Wow this non stop nw sprint is getting unreal. Hopefully the late night run stops it. If not this could be a Detroit special and we move on to Thursday looking for white gold and not ice.
  7. “This is what happens Larry, this is what happens when you clean somebody’s snow board”
  8. yea today has been brutal for me as well... sitting watching the snow line 30 miles east of me All day. Hope to get into the action later as the models are showing...but I'm starting to have my doubts. Pumped for everyone else getting in on the action!
  9. The radar looks beautiful around the Harrisburg area and east, enjoy. I have been sitting outside the western edge all day. Hopefully will get back into the snow at some point.
  10. If you wanted me to guess... it’s day drinking imagine day two and three of this event!
  11. Was thinking looking at the forecast... what has fallen here and hopefully what is to come, is straight fluff, 25 mph gusts tomorrow into Tuesday could be interesting...in a good way
  12. just hit 3 inches with the heaviest snow of the day falling. 21 degrees.
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