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  1. we’re on a climo-busting roll this year, with the hottest day of the year being in October.
  2. TFW Los Angeles has more snow in astronomical winter than central NC.
  3. I didn't like this month's storm because although I got 5 inches the snow ended before I woke up and turned into a day of pouring rain.
  4. I think the first three weeks of this year was the best weather I've ever seen living in NC. Great snow and cold, never seen the lakes frozen so hard. I want to move up north for uninterrupted subfreezing temps hehe.
  5. If a Cat 3+ actually did hover over the OBX for three days, I'm not sure if there would be anything left there.
  6. Is it wrong that I get satisfaction from how the models teased DC this week?
  7. NAM sees brief changeover + insane rates in NE NC. The band over Durham/Chapel Hill. Elizabeth City at 70F within 3 hours of a five inch snowfall.
  8. Roxboro finishes their season at 30"+ while I'm sitting here at 7", 40 miles south at the same elevation. Makes sense.
  9. That's an unusual track for a large snow storm in this part of the country.
  10. Accumulations this season in Downtown Raleigh Dec 8-9: Dusting Jan 3: 1" Jan 17: 4.5" Mar 12: Dusting The Jan 17 event was slightly disappointing since we were so close to areas that saw a foot. But it was okay because I drove to Hillsborough and went hiking in their foot the next day. I give this winter a B- based on accumulating snow in MBY but bump it up to B+ due to the proximity to larger snowfall, the record cold we had (never seen our lakes/rivers frozen so hard!), and the large number of days between first and last snow (could that increase yet...?) Looking at the reports for all of this year's storms, Roxboro seemed to do quite well (2.4" in December + 1.5" in January I + 11" in January II + 4" March = 18.9") plus subzero readings during the cold spell.
  11. For Virginia it reminds me of the late March 2013 storm. I was in Roanoke and it rained hard for a day followed by several inches of very slushy snow. It snowed all across the state to about Williamsburg.
  12. What is the total accumulation in Savannah?
  13. It's already down to 14 in Hillsborough, NC at 9:30, so I think the low tonight will be a bit lower than forecast.