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  1. picking up in worcester in that small band, been steady for the past half hour or so
  2. hi res reggie did really well with this
  3. wow.. oh how I've missed this!!! it's been a long, uneventful winter.... but tonight we weenie! 32F, ~1 inch down so far
  4. No, I've just been measuring periodically without wiping... i'm pretty new with this haha
  5. About 14.5" in Worcester, snow was very fluffy. Still coming down at a pretty decent rate
  6. yea, it's still puking snow in ORH, has been for a while now
  7. that band in eastern ct through orh country has not moved in a bit
  8. I'm at WPI, around central/northern ORH.. it is crazy outside right now
  9. NE MA/cape ann still has a lot to get through.. 5 inches in Beverly so far, hoping i can get a foot out of this
  10. Some light rain and sleet in Beverly MA