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  1. 21z hrrrx fwiw thru 36 hrs, mix precip takes a bit more time coming north
  2. Looks like the extended HRRR is coming in colder again
  3. the vineyard is about to get crushed
  4. Latest hrrr looks really nice
  5. Hrrr still looks really good north shore/south shore
  6. models are all over the place relative to how close it is to game time.. i like it
  7. NE mass is getting pounded
  8. heaviest snow band i've ever seen is about to crush northshore
  9. insane band of snow coming into northshore/boston area
  10. snowflakes the size of half dollars! S++
  11. Thunder snow in Hamilton, MA!!! Band of snow rapidly intensified right over this area
  12. No sign of rain in North Beverly, S++ Dynamic cooling in action