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  1. They are aware but doubtful they will return to it. There was... drama.
  2. Ended with about 3" snow and what looks like .1 coating of ice (hard to measure that though). The sun is out. We are also already experiencing melting, despite it being 18, thanks to that sun. I wish the 4+ hours of rain/sleet had been snow, too; this would have been epic, if so. Watching WSB tv atm and they are interviewing people up in Gordon County a bit north of here who are stuck in their vehicles. "I don't know what I'm going to do". Why do people do this to themselves?
  3. You can really tell on the radar where the temps have crashed. Hopefully yours will sink enough soon, most of the precip has yet to arrive.
  4. Switched over to snow about an hour ago. About 1" so far. 26 degrees. There was a thin glaze of ice on everything before the snow began.
  5. Heavy freezing rain and sleet mix in NE Cherokee. Temp has held steady at 29 for the last few hours. Also a thin coating of ice on the trees from the wave this afternoon. Icicles on the trees are .5-1" long, pretty small, for now.
  6. Bit out of our subforum area here, but TWC has the VA gov on via phone, talking about the blizzard warning there. They've closed the port and everything and are trying to convince people to gtfo the roads. I hope folks listen.
  7. The one yesterday was "Winter is Coming" along with the Houses. It was cute. FFC has also significantly (in some cases) lowered temps tonight. I can't believe I'm saying this***, but I don't think those of us northwest of I-85 have much to worry about, we will see some accumulation: *** I shouldn't say this, b/c in 2014 we were supposed to get 5" and we got dryslotted and less than .5". It was a sad day.
  8. We had got up to 35, but now are back down to 29 degrees, dp is 28. Had a wave of rain then sleet about an hour ago, and then light rain again. Waiting...
  9. A couple of minutes of rain mixed with sleet, and now what appears to be all sleet, falling in NE Cherokee county. (And our super decided to keep the kids in school the full day - elementary buses run at 2:45 and mid/high buses run at 3:45 - at least until they decide not to run them and tell us to come pick up our kids....)
  10. 33 imby... I do not really think it's going to hit our predicted high of 38. We might hit 35 or so, I'd guess. Am starting to get cautiously hopeful that we'll get 4" (my minimum to cover the grass hahaha). I pretty much believed this would all pass south of here until last night. But newer clown maps have shifted and put us in the 4-7" range depending on model. I suppose it could still just... cold rain. Stores here got cleaned out last night. I went out for next week's groceries this morning and it was all hands on deck restocking empty shelves. One employee pulled out her phone and showed me photos she took this morning of the produce section completely empty. Completely. Good luck everyone, stay safe and I hope you get whatever you're wishing for!
  11. Yeh I mean official stations, that are logged in the historical records with fairly complete data. It's actually quite difficult to find detailed snow records for this area, b/c GA doesn't have a university compiling those really great reports with p-type/amt maps like NC has, and there's only one official station north of ATL metro and it's way up in Blairsville near the state line. There's some basic temp data and stuff for the Cherokee airport station but they don't keep good p-type/amt records, just basic unattended personal weather station type data.
  12. After days of thinking this would mostly be south of us, I'm starting to hope we'll get a few inches. You might have some good luck around here, we're a bit southeast of Ball Ground. The bufkit at kpdk has it at 7.1" sn when I last looked. For what that's worth. KPDK is still some 16-18 miles south of me, though, and over the ridge. I have often wished we had a station a bit more central to north GA, there's nothing between KPDK and KBRA/KCHA and that's a lot of pretty fairly populated land between those three. Mr. Chill, as long as it happens on a weekend, I say shut it ALL down. Jan 2011 was great for that reason, it happened on a Sunday and so we were all home (for days, heh). I only get unhappy about it when kids are on buses at 3am because nobody here ever wants to close a school or business on a weekday.
  13. FFC's latest graphic, perhaps some nerves will be calmed:
  14. Isn't that what the "Sanitarium" thread is for? I expect to be there anyway. ;p
  15. Long about the time the 0z GFS finishes and nobody posts about it but the mods