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  1. Thanks for the information. It's a different set of rules down here--with this warmth I've been itching to get planting but have to keep reminding myself it's still winter. These 70's resemble a May heatwave back in the Chicagoland area.
  2. Quick question for any of you in Atlanta metro. I'm entering my first growing season as a homeowner after living in the northern suburbs of Chicago (Kenosha,WI). I'm used to having to wait until Mother's day weekend to do any planting. Other than general maintenance and clean up, what can I start working on in the yard? Is it safe to lay seed for grass in spots where it's needed? Can I put a few annuals in the ground yet? Can I put anything in pots yet? Thanks in advance
  3. 6 years ago I had trouble getting out of the side door of my house.
  4. Ground covered. Absolutely ripping snow right now. The sound is incredible-very different than what I would have in SE Wisconsin.
  5. +1 to this. With an approaching storm like this, crazy things can and often do happen. Enjoy the storm no matter what it brings. 4 inches is my call in Acworth.
  6. If this is one for the banter page, I apologize in advance. As I'm new to the area, what will the impact of 2-3 inches of snow have on ATL? I'm in West Cobb, so I've heard horror stories of winter storms of the past. With the cold sticking around, will roads be safe by Monday? Schools, other services? I am from SE Wisconsin, so the school I taught at was in session with 6-8 inches--may have delayed the start of the school day.
  7. Watching for freezing precipitation in Cobb County is such a departure from watching it in SE Wisconsin. Our nail biter with storms was whether or not a Lake Effect plume would set up.
  8. New to the region--Acworth GA from SE Wisconsin. Winter weather isn't quite the same any longer--Im ok with that! Will try my best to sit back and learn what I can.
  9. Amazing what two weeks difference will do. Just moved to ATL metro after dealing with well below zero wind chills and now I'm watching for severe weather. Should be fun to watch it all roll in.