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  1. Since I live 15 miles SW of Athens, this is good for me.
  2. With all the influx of visitors due tomorrow, not surprised. Good planning.
  3. Yeah, I've been watching that develop all day. That's going to be a huge problem! All in all, I'd rather have my cold 36° rain here east of ATL than FZR. Hope all stays good for all y'all!
  4. So. Much. Rain. What a waste (not really, we need the rain since we are still in drought conditions, but you know what I mean) 37/37 5 miles SW of Athens GA
  5. So, real quick, someone explain to me temp, dewpoint and wetbulb and what I am looking for as pertains to frozen precip. I'll hang up now and let you answer.
  6. Quick. Someone find a model output to read to me, whisper to me how temps east of ATL will drop as soon as precip starts, that that "column will cool the surface layer (?)" give me some years for reference and post lots of columns of numbers I can't interpret but I know they are wonderful and I will later be basking in the moonlit glow of 4 inches of beautiful white snow! For the love of all that's good and holy, please!!?!
  7. Smell the rain to get the snow! Exactly! 5 miles SW of Athens GA. Always on the line. Have won some (huge I think maybe March 1, 2009, we got 5-6-7+ inches when a band set up over us, and 20 miles south of us had almost nothing) lost some (most recently 2015). While I do love the watch and anticipation, and really love anything I get frozen, I do live in the south, so...
  8. It is my understanding that NW GA (so I guess AL) will be getting some light rain/sleet/snow tonight, but this is not the precipitation the forecasts are working from for tomorrow. That will be coming from the south.
  9. FFC just issued Winter Storm Warning for Atlanta and north.