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Clouds - 2022

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Time to fire up a new thread for the New Year. Thanks for all the views in 2021. And as usual will be deleting 2020 and 2021 as I go along to make room for the new images.


Tonight the clouds were on the horizon so I went out into the county and farmland to get a clear view. Some nice color even if it was quite a distance away.

Start off looking northwest as the red was creeping into the area. Taken with 24-70mm at 70mm.





Max red to the west. Taken with the 24-70mm at 70mm...




Some faint but broad crepuscular rays from some over-the-horizon clouds. Taken with the 24-70mm at 35mm...








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Today as stuck between the bowling ball to the southeast and a clipper wave to the northwest. as hoping for some decent Sun-cloud interaction as the Sun set into the clipper cirrus.


Unfortunately, there were no sun dogs nor iridescence as the Sun met the clouds. Taken with the 100mm...




Close to max color dynamics as the Sun was about to sink into the stratus exiting the cirrus. Taken with the 24-70mm at 70mm...




Last of the color before the light got shut off. Taken with the 100mm...


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Once again there were some thickening clouds in the southwest close to sunset.


Started off in front of the firehouse. Taken with the 24-70mm at 53mm...




Moved to behind the firehouse to get this contrail shadow better. Taken with the 24-70mm at 59mm...




Once again with the contrail shadow but in the landscape mode. Taken with the 24-70mm at 31mm...


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Trouble with being this far from Lake Michigan is that when the flow is just right, I am going to get gunked.


I could see some clearing to the east northeast but that hardly does much good towards sunset. Taken with the 24-70mm at 24mm... 




Looking southwest the sky had that bruise color. Taken with the 24-70mm at 31mm...


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